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Casting: Orca

09 Dec 23

Midsummer. The village must choose a new Daughter to sail with the fishing boats and bless the waters, keeping them safe from the roaming orcas for another year.


Fan hopes with all her heart to be chosen. But her sister Maggie says she must never go with the boats. Because something happened to Maggie out there. Something no one will admit.

I am incredibly excited to share with you all my wonderful, talented cast for Orca by Matt Grinter. We have a good mix of members and first timers, and a great crew ready and raring to go!

This five-hander is both heart-warming and folklore-infused tragedy. It's a story of family, belonging and questioning tradition, and I cannot wait to share this with you all. I'm excited for our first few rehearsals before kicking off full speed ahead in the new year.

See you all in March!

Sarah Louise Pearcey

Fan – Kezia Cotterrell

Maggie – Amalie Macnaughtan
Gretchen – Paige Leavy 
Joshua – Hywel Roberts 
The Father – Ian Falconer


Orca runs 5-9 March 2024. Tickets will be on sale soon.