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05 Oct 2021

Waiting for Godot – The Director’s Preview

Jeanette Hoile introduces Waiting For Godot by Samuel Beckett  Waiting for Godot was last performed at SLT in 1974 and 1992, the latter of which you were involved in as a production assistant. What inspired you to direct this production today?  ​Although involved in many aspects of the 1992 production, I took no part in directorial decisions or directing at the time, and only became interested in this much later. Recently, I decided to revisit the play as I enjoy […]

26 Sep 2021

Free year of Full Membership won for survey completion

Almost one hundred people took part in our Member & Friend Survey 2021 and put themselves into the draw for a free year of Full Membership, so thank you if you were one of those who provided such useful feedback. We’ll be reporting back on the results soon, (a lot of love for good old SLT, we’re happy to say!) but in the meantime, we’re pleased to announce that Daniel Paul was the winner of the prize. Congratulations Daniel, enjoy […]

25 Sep 2021

Chaperoning and safeguarding training

Chaperones wanted for young performers We’re seeking local people who are interested in becoming Chaperones to support children, young people and vulnerable adults when they take part in productions. The role involves attending rehearsals and performances ensuring the safety of those in your care. Chaperones will be paid £12 per hour. To become a qualified chaperone, you will have to register with Lambeth council and undertake Chaperone and Safeguarding training. SLT will pay for a limited number of Chaperones to […]

22 Sep 2021

Switzerland – The Director’s Preview

Jessica Osorio introduces Switzerland by Joanna Murray-Smith.  You recently directed Bombshells by Joanna Murray-Smith in November 2020. What inspired you to take on another of her productions?  ​I had originally submitted another play but as the rights were no longer available, I needed to find another play that was suitable in the current climate. I really enjoyed the writing and characters in Bombshells and had already read Switzerland previously prior to submitting last season. Although I had never read any […]

12 Sep 2021

Silence/Night – The Director’s Preview

Panit Chantranuluck introduces Silence/Night – A double bill of plays by Harold Pinter What inspired you to direct this double bill of plays? I love how Pinter wrote without strict adherence to grammar, or even context. As a non-native English speaker and native Thai speaker myself, I found it quite fascinating and similar to the way Thai speak. Silence and Night are two very different plays, but both explore the same themes: memory and love. For most people, love is, […]

21 Aug 2021

The Memory of Water – The Director’s Preview

Charlotte Benstead introduces The Memory of Water by Shelagh Stephenson. What drew you to directing this play? This is the second time SLT has tackled this darkly funny script and we hope to see some of the original participants coming to see our largely new cast give it its latest outing.  I was gripped by the quality of the writing and the depth of the characters that for a comedy, are really rich. I hope audiences fall in love with […]

19 Jul 2021

The Water Harvest – The Director’s Preview

Paul Dineen introduces The Water Harvest by Chris Lee What drew you to directing this play? I saw The Water Harvest shortly after arriving in England in 2007. With the exchange rate of the Aussie dollar inverse to that of West End ticket prices, I found myself seeking smaller venues, ones that produced new works and tried new things. I became a regular at Theatre 503, tucked above the Latchmere pub in Battersea. [An Aussie in a pub… in Clapham? […]

25 Jun 2021

A Super Happy Story (About Feeling Super Sad)- The Director’s Preview

Mark Ireson introduces A Super Happy Story (About Feeling Super Sad) Book and lyrics by Jon Brittain Music by Matthew Floyd Jones. What attracted you to directing this play with music? How did you discover it? Back in 2019 when we could freely go to theatres, a couple of friends and I saw the original production at The Vaults in Waterloo. It was a lively, funny show, full of energy and great songs, but with a heartbreaking story at the […]

12 Jun 2021

Remembering Liam Campbell

As many of you may be aware, ex-SLT member Liam Campbell sadly passed away on 1st November 2020. This past week marked what would have been his 57th birthday, and in light of that, friends and family organised a cricket match in his memory and to raise funds for St Christopher’s Hospice who cared for him during his last days. This will now become an annual event for those who wish to participate, and any donations towards St Christopher’s in […]

12 Jun 2021

Creative Futures – Celebrating Young People

As part of our commitment to increase our connections with the local community, the BPT (Building Preservation Trust) have pledged some of our Cultural recovery funding to The Great North Wood Collective for their Creative Futures – Celebrating Young People Project.  “We are very pleased to have been able to support this project giving local young people from three of the largest estates in the area the chance to be involved in the creative industries. At a time when the […]