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25 Apr 2021

Website Update: Additional Information

We hope you saw in last week’s newsletter that we’re in the midst of some exciting developments for our website. That’s generated some interest and questions. So we thought we’d take this opportunity to answer a few of them for you. Why are we updating the website? The SLT website was last fully updated some years ago, and as with all websites there’s a risk that it could become outdated in terms of functionality, accessibility and security. We need to make […]

17 Apr 2021

Website Update

We’re really excited to announce that we’re significantly evolving our website to promote even better access to SLT and The Old Fire Station, thanks to funding from The Architectural Heritage Fund.  “For forty-five years, the Architectural Heritage Fund has been committed to supporting communities to develop sustainable new uses for their much-loved historic buildings. We are pleased to have been able to offer this additional support at a time of extraordinary need and are very grateful to DCMS for funding […]

16 Apr 2021

Members Club Update

As the national Covid restrictions start to ease further this week, and pubs across England are pulling their first pints of 2021, we’ve been working behind the scenes to prepare to reopen our much-missed SLT Bar. Subject to how restrictions in England change in the next few weeks, we’re planning to start by reopening the Barden on Saturday evenings from the middle of May.  This could mean that those enjoying the Barden could socialise (responsibly!) with everyone else present rather than having […]

19 Mar 2021

An Evening Celebrating Shakespeare

Please join us Friday April 23 for an evening celebrating Shakespeare. Much like our previous monologue evening, this special online event will feature Poetry, Monologues and Sonnets all celebrating the life of William Shakespeare. For those wishing to perform, please emailplayreadingslt@gmail.com to register. Pieces should aim to be no longer than 3 minutes.

19 Mar 2021

Lunch Girls – The Director’s Preview

What inspired you to direct this play?  I co-directed it (for Group Theatre Company) in 1985 and it is a play that has always stuck in my mind. Then I was (nagged) encouraged to submit it by my brother, Sean, (who learned his craft on the 118 lighting cues!) so when SLT was looking for one act/small cast plays that could be performed with social distancing it seemed a perfect fit and I decided to have my first go at […]

04 Dec 2020

Grimm Tales – The Director’s Preview

Jo Boniface introduces our Christmas show, Grimm Tales What drew you to directing this play?  I love the darkness of the original Grimm Tales. Fairy Tales should be a bit dark and twisted as well as being fun. The best stories are the ones that keep you guessing! I wanted something to be fun to rehearse and fun to watch. And something familiar in these odd times. Your ensemble cast plays a multitude of roles – can you tell us […]

23 Oct 2020

Bombshells – the Director’s Preview

Jess Osorio introduces Bombshells, the second in our season of one act plays What drew you to directing this play? I was looking for a play that worked for the times we are living in, but principally one with strong and interesting female characters who felt real and who the cast and audience could engage and empathise with. I read several plays and, despite not knowing Bombshells previously, I was instantly attracted to it. The characters show their vulnerabilities and […]

09 Oct 2020

The Bet – the Director’s Preview

Barry Heselden introduces The Bet, the first of our season of one act plays What was it that attracted you to this play? At first glance this may seem like a simple story. Four friends, given the choice between serving a long prison sentence or the death penalty, discuss which they would choose. But when a challenge is laid down by the host and one of the characters offers to be incarcerated for ten years, the story starts to take […]

11 Mar 2020

Do Not Disturb – the Director’s Preview

Martin Copland-Gray introduces Do Not Disturb, his directorial debut outing at SLT, an intimate two-hander which takes place in a New York hotel room. What was it that attracted you to this play? It was 2002 and I was an X-Files fan, smitten with Gillian Anderson. I found out she was starring in a play called What the Night is For with Roger Allam at the Comedy Theatre. I bought a ticket and came down from the Midlands to see […]

28 Feb 2020

Good – the Director’s Preview

Director Lisa Thomas introduces Good, CP Taylor’s much-lauded 1981 play. Set in Frankfurt before WWII, Good has been described as a definitive piece concerning the Holocaust. “The author… rejects the view that Nazi atrocities are… a result of the simple conspiracy of criminals and psychopaths.” How do you think this notion is brought out in the play? When writing Good, C P Taylor was trying to make sense of what amounted to war crimes on an almost overwhelming scale and […]