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03 Oct 2019

The Night Heron – the Director’s Preview

Director Lisa Thomas introduces Jez Butterworth’s The Night Heron, which opens on Tuesday, 8 October. Jez Butterworth’s reputation may well play a part in attracting audiences to this show – why do you think that is? He creates very engaging and complex characters with multiple facets, and gives them inventive and often hilarious dialogue and situations. He also writes plays about things that no-one else really does – they feel very original. Audiences loved his breakout play Mojo for its […]

20 Sep 2019

Di and Viv and Rose – the Director’s Preview

Director Jo Boniface talks about Amelia Bullmore’s ‘Di and Viv and Rose’, opening on Tuesday, 24 September. What inspired you to choose this play? I first saw Di and Viv and Rose when I started a new job at Hampstead Theatre (I’ve been happily there for 7 years now) on the Main Stage, starring Tamzin Outhwaite, Gina McKee and Anna Maxwell Martin. And I loved it. I think I saw it 6 or 7 times. It was the first time […]

18 Sep 2019

2020 Spring / Summer Season Announcement

Last night SLT’s Theatre Committee (TC) announced the 2020 Spring/Summer Season. The bar was packed with old and new members who were keen to see what plays have been selected for the period between mid-March and the beginning of August next year. Theatre Committee announced the directors one at a time and each had the opportunity to speak about the plays that they are going to direct and their vision for staging them. After the presentation, most people stayed in […]

04 Sep 2019

Sticks & Stones – the Director’s Preview

Director Guy Jones gives his perspective on this new play, opening on 10 September. You can watch a preview video here. Why Sticks & Stones? Well, to be honest, it was recommended in the National Theatre bookshop. I laughed too much as I read it in the shop, so took it home, (having paid!) and despite never having seen any productions of the show, it leapt off the page as a sparklingly clever and very funny exploration of the state […]

02 Sep 2019

Sticks & Stones – Video Preview

Sticks & Stones runs nightly from 10 – 14 September at the Old Fire Station, and tickets are on sale here.

17 Jul 2019

Peter Pan – the Director’s Preview

Director Tom Melly introduces his adaptation of the classic tale of the little boy who never grew up, opening on 23 July. Rehearsal photos taken by the cast. What memories do you have of Peter Pan from when you were a child?? Peter Pan (or Peter Panic, as I generally refer to it) is my second stab at directing, after last year’s Toad of Toad Hall. These two plays form my earliest memories of ‘proper’ theatre, and invoke a Proustian […]

01 Jul 2019

In Focus: Member Sean Thomas

Our members are at the heart of everything we do at SLT. Everyone, from those that manage the day to day running of the organisation, to those that tread the boards are members. Our members staff the theatre bar nightly, greet the public on show nights, manage the wardrobe of 4,000 costumes and toil tirelessly in backstage roles to create the magic that happens on stage. We are nothing without our members. In the first of this series of interviews […]

27 Jun 2019

Low Level Panic – the Preview

Director Siobhán Campbell and her cast of 3 introduce themselves in advance of their show which opens on 2 July. Shiv – what drew you to the play? I was handed this play by a friend who suggested that I might enjoy it. I read it, found myself liking it and thinking it was really current. Then I looked at the info at the front and realised it was written in 1988. Somehow that made it more current. The play […]

05 Jun 2019

Pomona – the Director’s Preview

Director Jason Salmon introduces his latest edgy, urban thriller ahead of its opening on 11 June. This is a dark, dark play – what drew you to it? When I first read the play I was blown away by the themes it was tackling as well as the characters themselves. The themes that it explores are challenging; I’m fascinated by the way it asks genuine questions about the more unpleasant sides of society and makes us question our own beliefs. […]

22 May 2019

The Beaux’ Stratagem – the Director’s Preview

Director Dave Hollander introduces his re-imagining of this classic Restoration romp ahead of its opening on 28 May. There are a lot of restoration comedies – what attracted you to this one? Most importantly, I find it funny, especially as it doesn’t really rely on visual gags for comic effect. Instead, George Farquhar’s script is full of wit and fizzes with zingy one-liners, and there’s certainly more than a whiff of innuendo and intrigue. On a more serious note: as […]