Category : Restoration

05 Mar 2019

SLT’s Wardrobe Micro-Exhibitions

Did you know that our wonderful wardrobe department regularly create new micro-exhibitions in the foyer, which you can pop in and see any time after 10am on week days? Each display (featuring costumes from our extensive wardrobe) is themed to tie in with a relevant cultural event such as LGBT History month, or to highlight themes or aspects of a current production running at the theatre. The current micro-exhibition celebrating our most recent show, the Alan Ayckbourn time-travelling comedy Communicating […]

04 Mar 2019

Members’ Bar Makeover

Since we moved back in to the Old Fire Station last March, the building has been going through a process of continual renovation. Many parts of the building were left incomplete at the end of the restoration process when the money (that had been raised via the Heritage Lottery Fund, private donations and the diligent fundraising of members of the theatre) ran out. 12 months ago, the Members’ Bar, or Club Room which is open 7 days a week to […]

22 Sep 2018

Update from the Building Preservation Trust

From Charlotte Benstead, on behalf of the Building Preservation Trust This is a quick update about some of the work the BPT has been doing over the summer towards the continuing development of our theatre project.  As well as the opening events, the BPT had its AGM and all the trustees have stayed in post; they are Bob Callender, Geoff Lill, Lisa Thomas, Philip Spedding, Charlotte Benstead, Chris Stooke, Carole Coyne, Chaz Doyle and  Fiona Daffern. We’re also delighted to […]

05 Jun 2018

Can Anyone Smell Burning?

The programme of events for the Old Fire Station official opening is beginning to take shape. Taking place over the weekend of Saturday, 30 June & Sunday, 1 July events include tours, exhibitions, a book launch and a host of free talks and workshops. One of these free talks will be presented by Laura Miller entitled: Can Anyone Smell Burning? A History of London and Fire.   London is just one of those cities that is always burning down. This […]

01 Jun 2018

Foyer Gets New Artwork

The makeover of the Old Fire Station continues with new artwork going up in the Foyer on two walls. The first piece to go up last Monday, 24 May, was the 1:1 scale image of horses charging out of the Fire Station c.1900 pulling behind it the ‘fire escape’ used to rescue people from tall, burning buildings. The artwork sits on the wall opposite the entrance so visitors will get a real sense of what the building looked like as […]

03 Apr 2018

The Big Move, Pt II – The Return

Hello all you lovely people! Guess what? We’re moving back to West Norwood! Back to The Fire Station! OMG! etc, etc … However, this isn’t a small task… For those who were there for The Big Move Part I – Exodus, you remember that it was a full day of shifting and sorting. This needs to happen again. So, I call upon you, you brave volunteers, you crazy fools, you young love-birds and theatre officiandoes … Can you help once […]

31 Mar 2018

The Old Fire Station Needs You. Pt 2 – April 2018

Many of you will have attended our Youth Show, His Dark Materials, during March and will have had a preview of our wonderful new theatre space. Hurrah! You’ll also have seen that much of the building remains unfinished and although next time you visit it shouldn’t look quite so incomplete; nevertheless because of budget limitations, we need to continue fundraising and much of the outstanding work needs to be done by us. The shortfall in funding needed to complete the […]

09 Mar 2018

The Old Fire Station Needs You. Pt I

This week we posted an exciting video of our new theatre space and we can’t wait to get back into our familiar and much-loved building. However, because of budget limitations, some of it will be more familiar than we might have wished for, but we are nothing but resourceful and the fundraising continues. The shortfall in funding needed to complete the project means that our first and second floors have had minimal work done to them. They are particularly important as […]

06 Mar 2018

Sneak Peek Inside The New Theatre Space

 Want to see our new theatre? In a couple of weeks we will present our first show at our renovated Old Fire Station in West Norwood. Over the weekend, volunteers from the theatre membership braced the icy temperatures to paint the new theatre space black. Here’s a sneak peek at the space and our preparations to get it ready for the coming performances which we hope to see you at soon! Many thanks to all the volunteers; painters, first-aiders […]

27 Feb 2018

Introducing Our New Building Manager

We’re delighted to announce the second staff member to join the team at the Old Fire Station. Bex Law, last seen treading the boards in Constellations in early February, will be starting in the post as our building manager in March, ready for the big move back to the Old Fire Station. Bex’s role is about increasing use of the building in the day and developing opportunities for other groups to access the spaces, as well as helping manage the community programme and exhibition access.  […]