Chaperoning and safeguarding training

Chaperones wanted for young performers

We’re seeking local people who are interested in becoming Chaperones to support children, young people and vulnerable adults when they take part in productions. The role involves attending rehearsals and performances ensuring the safety of those in your care. Chaperones will be paid £12 per hour.

To become a qualified chaperone, you will have to register with Lambeth council and undertake Chaperone and Safeguarding training. SLT will pay for a limited number of Chaperones to undergo the training.

If you’re interested and available to Chaperone, then email Teresa for further information. You don’t have to be an SLT member to be a chaperone. Find out more about Chaperones in Lambeth

Safeguarding Training for SLT members 14 October 7 – 8.30pm

​We’re offering a free training session in safeguarding for theatre members who are likely to come into contact with young people and/or vulnerable adults as part of their role in the theatre. Our safeguarding policy sets out to protect anyone who takes part in our activities to make sure they feel safe, and this is particularly important for Directors and Assistant Directors whom we would stongly encourage to attend. Please email Teresa to book your place. Find out more about our safeguarding policy here.