SLT Show

Summer Shorts 2022

Date: 10 - 13 Aug 2022

Time: 20:00 - 22:30

Location: The Old Fire Station

South London Theatre is again running an evening of 10 short plays (each running 10 minutes or so) as a chance for new and experienced writers to see their original work on stage.

Every year we give writers the chance to have a piece of new writing performed. This year we chose the theme, "The Bottle" for our playwrights to grapple with, and the brief that the pieces could be no longer than 10 minutes and have no more than 5 actors. We have 10 pieces of drama for you to enjoy. No spoilers - come and see the shows. Everyone will have a different favourite.

Bathwater by Audrey Lindsay
Director: Roisin Deady
Cast: Giselle Parker, Marysia Skwarka, Joe Dominic, Steve Anstee

Sea Sense by Jacob Smith
Director: Peter Stevens
Cast: Jason Salmon, Niamh Fahy

Go! by Bryce Millard
Director: Hayley Thomas
Cast: Karolina Ludwiniak, Christine Theophilus

Bottling It by Rob Wallis
Director: Lisa Thomas
Cast: Chris Frederick, Fiona Daffern

High Tide by Jason Nwachukwu
Director: by Jason Nwachukwu
Cast: Saffy Andrews, Priscilla Fagbemi, Toby Olubi, Augar Ndiovu, Dorris Djangmah

The One They Left Behind by Jenny Gammon
Director: Jenny Gammon
Cast: Giselle Parker, Anthony Black, Carole Coyne, Paul White

The Most Hardened Creature by Peter Stevens
Director: Lisa Thomas
Cast: Kait Feeney, Lauren Budd, Chris Frederick, Dan Brooks

The Bottle Episode by Eddie Coleman
Director: Guy Jones
Cast: Carole Coyne, Peter Stevens, Jason Salmon, Jason Rosenthal

The Clear Out by LA Green
Director: Mark Ireson
Cast: Mark Vinson

Fake News by Mitchell Labiak
Director: Danielle Allan
Cast: Kornelia Adelajda, Ingrid Miller, Albert Enechi, Niamh Fahy, James Tibbles

Director: Curated by: Charlotte Benstead and Dave Hollander

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