Foyer Gets New Artwork

The makeover of the Old Fire Station continues with new artwork going up in the Foyer on two walls.

The first piece to go up last Monday, 24 May, was the 1:1 scale image of horses charging out of the Fire Station c.1900 pulling behind it the ‘fire escape’ used to rescue people from tall, burning buildings. The artwork sits on the wall opposite the entrance so visitors will get a real sense of what the building looked like as a working fire station.

Click images to see larger versions

Then the following day, a collage was installed which is a part of the HLF funded projects to celebrate the building’s heritage. The collage recognises the 51 years that the South London Theatre have occupied the building, using images taken from the SLT archives of shows dating back to 1968.

If you would like to see the artwork in the flesh, please come and visit us at the Old Fire Station which from July will be open during week days as well as on the evenings when there is a production on in the theatre.