Grimm Tales – The Director’s Preview

Jo Boniface introduces our Christmas show, Grimm Tales

What drew you to directing this play?

 I love the darkness of the original Grimm Tales. Fairy Tales should be a bit dark and twisted as well as being fun. The best stories are the ones that keep you guessing! I wanted something to be fun to rehearse and fun to watch. And something familiar in these odd times.

Your ensemble cast plays a multitude of roles – can you tell us more? 

 Each cast member both narrates parts of the story and plays a character. Think of it like opening a box of stories and them tumbling out. The actors use costumes and props to tell stories and jump between different characters. Only having four actors on stage has meant they have needed to learn a fair few lines! And eat a lot of cabbage… 

What’s been the biggest challenge of directing a play during a pandemic? 

e. Zoom rehearsals. We’ve rehearsed the whole time on zoom. We only got into the space a week before the show. It’s been really strange seeing three dimensional people when you’ve only seen them on a screen. I think for the actors it’s been harder to learn lines because they can’t react off other actors’ faces. We are so glad to be in the same room again! 

What do you hope the audience will take away from this play?

 I hope they laugh. This play is about having fun and reviving some stories we all know and some we don’t. I want the audience to remember that stories are still there even when the world stops for a bit. 

Further rehearsal images to follow


Grimm Tales runs December 10-13 and 16-19 at the Old Fire Station including a live-streamed performance on Thursday 17th. There will also be 2.30 pm matinees on the 12th, 13th and 19th.

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