Hoardings Get Eye-Popping Designs

Over the weekend the hoardings outside of the theatre were decorated with some street art. Many members of the community who saw the work in progress were concerned that the hoardings were being vandalised, but they were in fact being adorned with some eye-catching designs.

Ash Contracting Ltd. who are in the process of restoring the building suggested to SLT that it might be a good idea to approach All City London, an organisation which lets artists know where there are permissible spaces where they can create street art. We agreed that this was a good idea and asked the contractors to get in touch with local street artists so that they could decorate the hoardings with some bright and colourful designs.


It is heartening to know that our local community are being vigilant and we would like to thank all of those people who alerted us and the police when they believed they were witnessing an act of criminal damage.