In Focus: Member Sean Thomas

Our members are at the heart of everything we do at SLT. Everyone, from those that manage the day to day running of the organisation, to those that tread the boards are members. Our members staff the theatre bar nightly, greet the public on show nights, manage the wardrobe of 4,000 costumes and toil tirelessly in backstage roles to create the magic that happens on stage. We are nothing without our members.

In the first of this series of interviews with our members about their experiences at SLT, we speak with Sean Thomas who, though not an actor himself, has tread the boards of our stage more times than most of our actors.

Hi Sean, you have been a member at SLT since our time at Stanley Halls. How did you hear about us?

A friend of my wife, Gerri McAndrew, was rehearsing in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. She spoke really highly of the professionalism of all involved.

What was your first show with SLT?

The first show was actually, Jesus Christ Superstar – no sooner had I walked in the door I was involved.

What do you love most about the art of lighting shows?

I love being able to make a space where there isn’t one. I love the feeling of creating atmosphere. I love that you can change a set with lighting.

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How many shows have you now worked on and what’s one of your favourite memories of working on an SLT show?

I have worked on 52 shows, that is every show, bar one, since Jesus Christ Superstar. Not all lighting – but I have worked on them all.

My favourite light was in a show called Little Light where there was a light that appeared to be coming through a ceiling when there wasn’t a ceiling. There are so many good memories – I like working with the different companies, I don’t think I can isolate just one.

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What do you like best about being a member of SLT?

The people, the number and range of performances, and the bar are all my best things about SLT.

What do you think SLT needs more of?

That is a difficult one – it is run by volunteers and everyone does a great job. I would of course say we need more lights!