Jeanette Hoile & Front of House

Many of you will already know that Jeanette has handed over the running of the Front of House activity to Chris Bennett.  What you may not know, is that prior to the handover, Jeanette performed this role consistently for 10 years, from 2010 to 2020.   

Anyone that has done any work coordinating volunteers, and I know that includes a lot of us, will know that this is not a simple task to do.  It is particularly difficult with a busy theatre such as ours, where we have 22 shows during the year.  

Jeanette completed this work with fortitude, training, finding and generally arm-bending to fill three roles on each show night (two front of house, one raffle). That is of course 30 roles in the average month, or 360 roles for each year.  Obviously, when she was unable to find anyone else, she stepped in herself, often seeing performances more than once to cover any gaps.  

She used her eye for detail, documentation and organisation skills to ensure that the theatre was staffed for each performance.  In recognition of this work, SLT agreed to present Jeanette with her own unique version of the foyer picture showing actors over the years.  Can you spot the difference that makes it unique? 

Jeanette Hoile

Jeanette will continue to organise the Raffle, once we are back fully up and running.  There are also rumours of a return to directing, now she has a bit more time on her hands.  

Please accept our huge thanks for all your time and effort Jeanette.

Gareth Milton, House Manager