Low Level Panic – the Preview

Director Siobhán Campbell and her cast of 3 introduce themselves in advance of their show which opens on 2 July.

Shiv – what drew you to the play?

I was handed this play by a friend who suggested that I might enjoy it. I read it, found myself liking it and thinking it was really current. Then I looked at the info at the front and realised it was written in 1988. Somehow that made it more current. The play deals with many issues, issues which don’t just affect women. It touches on body image, sexuality, talking about sex, society and the media’s expectations, to name a few.

What I’ve really enjoyed is the relationship between the characters. They’re very real in the way they’re written. Also I’ve loved the reaction of those who’ve heard/seen bits and realised that while on the page or at first glance it could come across as an angry, shouty piece- it’s really not. It’s actually a very relatable, funny piece. There are some proper laugh-out-loud moments.

On a final note, I will never ever have a bathroom as cool as this one.

Jo – played by Anna Callender

Hi, I’m Jo. I know I’m not perfect, but I’m not repulsive, so why can’t I get a man? I love sex, and I need a man. Now. But he can’t be just any man. Oh no. He’s got to be the man of my dreams. He’s got to have an amazing body, loads of money and a flash car. And maybe a yacht. Yeah, then I’d be happy.

Celia – played by Fiona Daffern

Hi. I’m Celia. It’s my flat and I rent rooms to the others but you wouldn’t think so the way they treat me. Honestly, it’s a nightmare having to share facilities. I can never get into the bathroom. What they do in there all day I’ll never know. I wouldn’t even mind if they put it to good use, looked after their skin and put some make-up on. Younger women of today! They’ll never get boyfriends if they don’t make an effort…

Mary – played by Bex Law

I’m Mary. I live with Jo and Celia. They are both obsessed with that bathroom. To be honest I don’t really see the point. I mean we waste so much time worrying about our figures, but I think it’s more about how you feel. Sometimes you just know you’re looking okay, and if you’re comfy in jeans and a T-shirt, wear jeans and a T -shirt. Why make yourself miserable trying to be something you’re not?

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Low Level Panic runs from 2 – 6 July at the Old Fire Station, and tickets are on sale here.