Membership Figures Update March 2020

It’s good news on the SLT Membership front, as our paid-up member figures are staying consistent and we are starting the year well, with membership revenue in February being 35% up on February last year. The beginning of the year along with September are often the times when lots of people join up and as you can see from the graph below, late Summer is when things take a dip. Let’s see how the blue section shapes up as we go through this year. All the signs are good that we might not quite take the same dip in August this year – With Fest Norwood coming our way again and New Season shows being cast for the autumn around that time, we should have some serious impetus to get people joining in. Stay tuned to this channel for the New Season Announcement, coming up later this month!

Speaking of shows bringing members to the party, the last two shows to have casts announced (Love And Information and Iron) have brought a total of 11 brand new members into the SLT fold just by themselves! Welcome to all of them! Watch this space as Woyzeck and Picnic At Hanging Rock, look set to contribute similarly.

As ever, if you’re a Member or Friend of SLT, do take every opportunity to pass on the benefits to others. Everyone subscribing saves a third on ticket prices and new subscribers get free tickets, which can offset the outlay of their first year’s fee by between £12 and £28. And if you’re a Full Member, you don’t just get access to great theatre, but also a thriving social community, with your members bar and all its social activities. With Murder Mysteries, Quiz nights, Theme Nights, Open Mic Nights and now a monthly Musical Revue, who needs Netflix?

As ever, further details regarding SLT Membership can be found on the Membership page.

– Guy Jones