The Phlebotomist … Audition 1

Event Details

  • From: December 5, 2021
  • To: December 5, 2021
  • Starting at: 10:00 AM
  • Finishing at: 12:45 PM


  • The Old Fire Station
  • 2a Norwood High Street
  • London
  • SE27 9NS
  • United Kingdom

The Phlebotomist

by Ella Road
Director: Mark Ireson

Performances: March 8-12, 2022
First rehearsal: January 5, 2022


In a near future a single blood test gives you an official rating in society: a high rating equals good opportunities and possibilities in getting jobs, education, bank loans and dating prospects. Bea is a phlebotomist and finds a good match in an intelligent and handsome young man, Aaron. Most importantly, he has a high rating on his genetic profile. They fall in love and the future looks bright. When Bea’s lifelong friend Char who has a lower rating asks for a better blood sample, Bea becomes a dealer on the black market. How far will people go in a world where health, wealth and happiness depend on a single blood test?

Between the onstage scenes there are 15 short video and audio interludes, which give us snapshots of the world beyond what we see on stage as society becomes more divided and divisive, on the basis of people’s ratings. There are a large number of characters, most of which do not require actors of any specific age or gender; I am looking for as diverse a cast as possible. These parts would be ideal for people who would like to be involved with the show but may not be available for the 2-3 months rehearsal and performance period. We will be filming and recording these scenes in January/February, and will only require a small amount of your time. If you would like to be considered for an interlude speaking part, please have a look at the interludes sheets, and come prepared to read one or two scenes of your choice.

If you would like to audition for either the onstage or interlude parts, please email the director Mark Ireson, attaching your completed audition form and stating which date/s you can attend. He will send you an audition time slot.


On stage characters

Bea (F, 20s-30s) – the phlebotomist, comes from a background where money was short. Dedicated, hard working, professional; conflicted by the opportunity to make “under the counter” money.

Aaron (M, 20s-30s) – trainee barrister, from a moneyed background. Charming, outwardly confident.

Char (F, 20s-30s) – Bea’s friend since childhood; she persuades Bea to falsify a test sample.

David (M, 50s-60s) – hospital porter, previously a teacher.

Two ensemble (M or F, any age) – play a variety of hospital staff etc, small amount of lines.

Speaking characters in video interludes

Dater (M or F, any age) – recording a dating video [interlude 3]
A couple (1 M and 1 F, any age – a sickly sweet couple making a dating app testimonial video [interlude 5]
Chat show host (M or F, any age) – enthusiastic, insincere [interlude 6]
Interviewee (M or F, any age) – super-confident snake oil salesperson [interlude 6]
Local news reporter (M or F, any age) – reporting from the scene [interlude 8]
Advert spokesperson (M or F, any age) – well dressed, professional, emphatic [interlude 9]
Three rioters (M or F, any age) – seen in blurry footage [interlude 10]
Dr Salt (M or F, 30s to 60s) – medical professional addressing press after a court hearing [interlude 11]
Newsreader (M or F, any age) – authoritative [interlude 12]
Parents (1 M and 1 F, 20s to 40s) – enthusiastic, sincere, making inspirational testimonial video for eugenicist lobby group [interlude 13]
American bystander (M or F, any age) – being interviewed to camera outside clinic [interlude 14]

Non-speaking extras in video interludes

Journalists / reporters outside court (M or F, any age) – as many as possible, with cameras etc [interlude 11]
Queue of people outside sterilisation clinic (M or F, any age) [interlude 14]
Demonstrators outside a sterilisation clinic (M or F, any age) – as many as possible – supportive, with placards [interlude 14]

Characters in audio interludes/voiceovers

Three A&E doctors (M or F, any age) [interludes 1 and 15]
NHS helpline attendant (M or F, any age) – calm, professional [interlude 2]
Patient calling NHS helpline (M or F, any age) – concerned [interlude 2]
Charity speaker (M or F, any age) – fronting radio charity campaign [interlude 4]
Radio interviewer on the Today programme (M or F, any age) – assured [interlude 7]
Government minister on the Today programme (M or F, any age) – confident [interlude 7]
Voiceover (M or F, any age) – confident, assured [interlude 13]
British broadcaster (M or F, any age) [interlude 14]

The Phlebotomist audition pieces

The Phlebotomist audio and video interludes