Wasted … Audition 1

Event Details

  • From: August 1, 2021
  • To: August 1, 2021
  • Starting at: 10:00 AM
  • Finishing at: 12:30 PM


  • The Old Fire Station
  • 2a Norwood High Street
  • London
  • SE27 9NS
  • United Kingdom


by Kae Tempest
Director: Bex Law

Performances: October 26-30, 2021
First rehearsal: August 29, 2021


Three old friends in their mid-twenties. One remarkable day. For Ted, Danny and Charlotte, it’s time to seize control. Make a difference. Change things. This is it.

A day trip through the parks and raves and cafes of South London, where life is what you make it. The rapid-fire words of Kae Tempest paint a picture of lives less ordinary in an unforgiving world.

A play about love, life and losing your mind.

(credit for synopsis: Methuen Drama playscript)


All actors should have a playing age of mid-late twenties, and speak with London accents. Actors from diverse backgrounds are particularly encouraged to audition – actors from any and all ethnic groups, genders and sexualities are all welcome.

Sections of the play are delivered by all three actors as a spoken-word-type poem / hip-hop/rap lyrics, so actors should be comfortable with rhythm.

The play deals with topics such as rave culture and drug/alcohol use, and there will be dancing! Please get in touch with the director if you have detailed questions about content.

Charlotte is a teacher with dreams of jacking it all in and going travelling. Kae introduces her as… smiling along with her colleagues, but looks like she might faint, or cry, or something. She looks completely alone, despite all the noise.

Ted is in a dead-end office / call-centre job, in a comfortable but boring relationship. He wants to get out, but isn’t quite sure how.

Danny is in a band that he’s sure is going to make it big, next week. He keeps his schedule clear by not working so that he’s ready for his big break. He fills his time by hanging out and sampling various substances.

They have been friends since their teens, inseparable.


To request an audition please email the director for an audition pack, indicating which date would be most suitable. All audition slots must be booked in advance. SLT is committed to keeping everyone as safe as possible by distributing the number of people evenly over the session.