Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – The Director’s Preview

Director Jo Boniface introduces our Christmas show, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall by Audrey Lindsay.


What has been good about directing a play written specifically for SLT?

It is the first thing I have directed where I have had access to the writer! Audrey was developing the script alongside my casting process so she was adjusting the lines to the people we cast. This means it really is a show written for SLT, as a lot of the lines were written for certain personalities. Having access to the writer has also meant we can run any sneaky line changes by Audrey, and she has taken them all with good grace! The other great thing is that the cast have really taken ownership of the show, it feels SLT at its heart and that is all what we needed this Christmas!


What’s great about being involved in the Christmas Show?

The great thing about the Christmas show is that it is really really fun. We have made each other laugh a lot! I am also lucky to have a great mix of new and old members, the newer members bringing new enthusiasm, and the more established members bringing a guiding hand, wonderful advice, and a wealth of experience alongside their own enthusiasm.

A Christmas show is about making sure people who come and see the show leave having had a good time. Something I think we all need more than ever after the year(s) we have had.

You directed last year’s Christmas show ‘Grimm Tales’ – what has been different this year?

Well, for one thing we rehearsed the whole thing on Zoom. It was also a socially distant performance, so we had to block it so the actors were 2 meters away from each other at all times, which is much harder than it sounds! First time we were in a room together was the first technical rehearsal, so being able to do rehearsals in person this year has been lovely.

I also unfortunately had a notification to isolate 30 minutes before the first show of Grim Tales, so I never got to see it live, so I can’t wait to see Mirror Mirror live!


Why should audiences come and see Mirror Mirror?

It’s a fun filled frolic, full of theatre jokes, SLT jokes, actors having a lovely time. I hope we can provide an evening of fairy tale escapism, where you can boo and hiss at the Wicked Queen, fall in love with Snow White, and be welcomed into the cottage of the workers. It’s a warm hug, just when we need it and we can’t wait to interact with audiences!


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall runs 9-12 & 16-19 December (including matinee performances on weekends).

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