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New ticket pricing for 2024

26 Nov 23

From January, we will be introducing a new pricing structure for SLT tickets. Like everyone, we have to take account of increasing costs, but we are determined to make sure everyone can still enjoy a show at our wonderful theatre. So we are raising our standard ticket prices, but making sure there are lower cost options still available.


What’s happening?

We are increasing our standard prices, but introducing an Early Bird offer that keeps prices as they are now if you book before the end of the previous show. We are also removing concession-rate tickets, but we are keeping our £5 Wednesdays, so everyone can still get a ticket for just £5! We will also have family tickets for appropriate productions.


No-one likes price increases, but these important changes will help keep SLT going, and still make sure anyone can continue to enjoy live theatre.


New ticket pricing from January 2024

Standard price Early Bird offer £5 Wednesdays
Non-members £16 £14 From £5
Members/Supporters £14 £10 From £5


How does the Early Bird offer work?

From the point when tickets go on sale, through to the end of the previous production, you’ll be able to take advantage of our Early Bird offer. We always put 50 seats on sale in advance, so they will all be available at an Early Bird rate. Prices will go up from midnight on Sunday after the previous production, and all tickets will then be at standard prices. Early Bird tickets can be purchased online or in person when coming to see another show.