Introducing Our New Building Manager

We’re delighted to announce the second staff member to join the team at the Old Fire Station. Bex Law, last seen treading the boards in Constellations in early February, will be starting in the post as our building manager in March, ready for the big move back to the Old Fire Station.

Bex’s role is about increasing use of the building in the day and developing opportunities for other groups to access the spaces, as well as helping manage the community programme and exhibition access.  Both Cassie (our Learning & Engagement Officer) and Bex will soon be based in the office (yes! we will have an office!) in the Old Fire Station and will be putting together a full programme of activities and a volunteer programme to ensure that lots of  people, both new to and familiar with the building, have the chance to get involved in our new ventures.

Bex says, “I’m so excited to be given the opportunity to look after the Old Fire Station and support SLT’s activities. I’ve loved working in various theatres over the years, including a similar local venue, and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in to this exciting new adventure. Let’s bring SLT home!”

Cassie has been busy this month. She has delivered the first workshops about the Old Fire Station in a local school. The project was a spoken word workshop and we hope to have the poems written, performed and displayed at our opening weekend.

I’m sure you’ll want to join us in giving the team a big SLT welcome, and they’re looking forward to meeting you all soon.