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Preview: Beauty and the Beast

25 Nov 23

Director Jo Boniface tells us what we can expect from SLT’s pre-Christmas spectacular.

What inspired you to direct this play?

I was looking specifically for a different Christmas show – I bought a load and read them and this one was standalone the best one. It’s got magic, and it’s a bit dark and I love the original story and characters. Plus I thought it would be so much fun to rehearse… and I was right! I also managed to watch the version the National Theatre did originally via their archives and it was glorious so I thought would lend itself to our stage.


People rehearsing for Beauty and the Beast

What can people expect from the show?

Magic, laughter and a little bit of menace! A mute rabbit, some puppets, audience interaction and love winning the day!


People rehearsing for Beauty and the Beast

What are the main themes in Lucy Kirkwood and Katie Mitchell’s interpretation?

Combating loneliness and accepting people for who they are inside, not what is on the outside. Plus that love comes in many forms. And that fairies are very real.


People rehearsing for Beauty and the Beast

Is it extra special putting on a show that children and adults will love?

Yes. This is actually the third Christmas show I have directed at SLT, and it’s honestly so magical seeing audiences enjoying the show at Christmas time. There is just a different vibe to shows on at the other times of the year. Christmas is absolutely my favourite time of the year and spending it rehearsing and making people laugh and smile is the best gift ever.


People rehearsing for Beauty and the Beast

Can you sum up the play in three words?

Magical, moreish, defiant!


Man rehearsing for Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast runs 12-21 December at South London Theatre