Remembering Liam Campbell

As many of you may be aware, ex-SLT member Liam Campbell sadly passed away on 1st November 2020.

This past week marked what would have been his 57th birthday, and in light of that, friends and family organised a cricket match in his memory and to raise funds for St Christopher’s Hospice who cared for him during his last days. This will now become an annual event for those who wish to participate, and any donations towards St Christopher’s in his memory are welcomed. If you would like to donate, please click here

While he was only a member for a few years, Liam definitely made his mark. He was an active member from 2001 to 2003, acting, directing, writing, teaching, operating and building.

Liam was a member of Theatre Committee from 2002-2003 (back when it was organised slightly differently) and he also took on the role of Training Director for a brief stint in 2003 as the youth theatre was being revived. It was during this time that he introduced his three children to South London Theatre, and today both Jai and Siobhan are still active members. At the time the youth theatre was down to 6 or so members in each group and needed some attention, one production of Hamlet the Murder Mystery (2002) later and it was a different story.

It was also through South London Theatre that Liam met Pat, who would go on to become his wife. They met during the 2001 production of Twelfth Night, he was playing Andrew Aguecheek, she was Assistant Stage Manager.

He directed several shows, both with the adult theatre and also with the youth group. Directing was something he really loved, a favourite motto was ‘beef up the grief’ and if he could get the audience to cry- he would. He was always very proud of productions of Terra Nova and Hamp and would regularly talk about how much he had enjoyed those shows.

L-R: Twelfth Night, Hamp, Twelfth Night in Wonderland, Terra Nova

Some members may also recall a production of ‘Twelfth Night, or What You Will in Wonderland’ performed in the garden of what was then Ego/Southern Pride (where Liam and Pat would later hold their wedding reception) on possibly the hottest days of the year. Ask Dave Hollander about his giant egg costume made of expanding foam!

In subsequent years much of his time was taken up not with theatre, but with reviving another local youth organisation, his old Scout Group. In September 2007 the group was given a 6 month notice of closure, there were 24 youth members. 4 years later they had grown to 137 youth members to become one of the biggest and most successful in London and in a wonderful twist many of those young people are also members of the SLT Youth Groups (they’ve all earned their performing arts badges).

It’s clear that Liam had a gift for enthusing people about causes, he took part in many fundraising activities over the years both for SLT and other organisations. He was passionate about the arts, and particularly the opportunities these afforded to youngsters.

He will be missed, and Pat, Siobhan and Jai thank you all for all your kind words and support in the last few months.