Restoration Project – Day Fifty Three

Ash Contracting Ltd. have been working hard on the restoration of the Old Fire Station and those of you that have passed the site in the last few day will have seen a few changes.

And they are exciting changes.

Hoardings have now gone up which will prevent vandals from tagging the building which had become quite a problem in recent months. The hoardings will soon be decorated with work by local street artists and SLT’s scenic painters. There will also be an area for information on the hoardings where progress of the restoration will be posted.

prompt-cornerThe most dramatic change, as can be seen in the photographs, is that the fire escape leading to the roof above Prompt Corner (the black-box performance space on the lefthand-side of the building) has been dismantled and the exterior wall, along with part of the roof, has been removed. Anyone who has ever operated lights and sound for a show in Prompt will see there is a large hole just where the booth used to be!

Keep checking back for more news and photos of the work in progress.