Sheltered – a rehearsed reading

 Sheltered by Greg A. Smith, to take place on Sunday 20 December at 7pm via Zoom.

As part of Fest(ive) Norwood, SLT will be performing a rehearsed reading of Sheltered via Zoom, directed by Jennifer Nettles. We are also partnering with the national charity Crisis , to raise money for the homeless this Christmas.

Play Summary

London. Christmas Day. Middle class couple Harry and Tamsin invite young homeless man, Rory, into their home to share Christmas with them and their daughter, Jenna. Presents are opened; parlour games played; parsnips and sprouts prepared; pregnancies faked and perfect preparations disrupted.

It soon becomes obvious that Rory is no typical rough sleeper, proving himself smart, capable and literate. But when Harry’s arch-nemesis, Donald, and his unhappily browbeaten wife, Marissa, arrive, what initially appeared to be an act of faintly patronising charity reveals itself as something much less festive. If Rory can survive the night, he will be given the chance to change his life. But can how much will it cost to win?

Our cast:

    • Tamsin – Liz Glazzard
    • Jenna – Megan Jordan
    • Harry – Leon Chambers
    • Rory – Rob Wallis
    • Donald – Jonathan Gunning
    • Marissa – Caroline Doyle
    • Den – Declan Doyle

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