SLT Annual General Meeting – Save the Date!

6 September 2021

SLT Annual General Meeting 

(Followed by SLT Members’ Club Annual General Meeting)

It’s been a strange year, but still one where lots has happened, more behind the scenes (no pun intended) or online that we had hoped. Our AGMs are usually in May, but we collectively agreed that it would be great to be able to have the chance of a blended AGM this year – so those who want to be there in person can be , but we’ll also enable others to attend via Zoom. We will continue with our video canvassing and digital voting which worked so well last year.

With the help of some great fundraising colleagues, particularly on BPT, we have managed to come through this difficult last year in a secure financial place and are looking forward with great relish to a proper season of shows.

We are eager to tell you more about where we are at and what the next steps are at the AGM. We’re really keen to ensure our members have every opportunity to become involved. At the AGM we will be having elections for all posts on General Council. We wish to stress that all posts are genuinely open for anyone to stand  – there are no automatic incumbents – and we would be delighted to have a selection of people for the membership to choose from. Every member of GC will be delighted to talk to anyone about what this means in practice.  Just come and ask.  http://www.southlondontheatre.co.uk/who-we-are/. And if you’re elected we’ll have a handover period.

Some of you may not be sure what being on General Council means. In a nutshell it means being a Director of the Theatre and we must conduct all our business in line with Charity Commission rules.  We need to be open, transparent, solvent and maintain good governance. Everything we do is to further the smooth running of the theatre so we can put on great performances and have fun! 

If you’re not sure, or would like to dip your toe in the water without fully committing, we would be delighted to build teams of people around some key roles. 

And if you don’t want to do the formal stuff, that’s fine, you can be involved in other ways – do a bar shift, front of house, raffle, a box office shift, help with wardrobe or props, help build a set. The more of us who do a little bit, the easier it is for all of us.

Further information on the nominations process will be sent out shortly.