SLT Joins 650 Venues To Highlight Arts Crisis

Light It In Red

Last night SLT joined more than 650 other venues and went red to highlight the crisis facing the arts right now by flooding our watch tower, foyer and stairwell with red light:

On the evening of 6 July, events companies across the UK including, theatres, concert halls, playhouses, nightclubs, galleries and conference centres are lighting their buildings red in order to draw attention to the crisis facing the entertainment industry. We were the first ones out, and will be the last ones back in …

SLT was one of over 650 buildings that took part in the event to raise awareness of the crisis facing the UK’s creative businesses that have been affected by the Covid19 pandemic and the 1.9 million workers that contribute to an industry that generates £84.1 billion for the UK economy every year.

Light It In Red was initiated by Clearsound Productions, one of the many companies whose business has been devastated by the pandemic. You can see a list of all the other venues that took part in the event if you visit the website here.

#SavetheArts #LightItInRed