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Auditions: SLT Summer Shorts

24 Jun 22

Auditions - Welcome to the Summer Shorts

General Information

We are now ready to audition for the many, many parts available. We have a great selection of pieces with something for everyone. There is historical drama to hysterical comedy.


Please get in touch with the directors directly via the links to register your interest in any of the parts detailed. Auditions will be a hybrid of Zoom and in person across the week beginning 4 July, and will be agreed with the director of the piece.


There will be a minimum of 3 x one-hour rehearsals during July into August (to be agreed with your director) and you MUST be available for all of show week that is Sunday 7 August – Sunday 14 August inclusive. You MUST be a full member or become a full member of the SLT if cast, and you MUST learn your lines by the end of July at the latest!

Fake News by Mitchell Labiak

In this sharp and witty piece, five journalists plan the next edition of their magazine. Pressure mounts, stakes are high, rivalries emerge and old wounds are opened, while an occasional shaft of integrity pierces through the mordant cynicism – think ‘Reservoir Dogs’ meets ‘The Post’ with a sprinkling of ‘Erin Brockovich’.



NB: No specific gender is assigned to any of the characters; any character can be ‘she’, ‘he’ or ‘they’


  • Grey: Editor in chief, age 30 – 70, glories in being the boss, blunt and brazen
  • Blake: Deputy editor, age 30 – 70, second-in-command nursing a grudge, with a fine line in snide asides
  • Charlie: News editor, age 30 – 50, clear-sighted, laid back, assertive
  • Dan: Features editor, 25 – 55, earnest, dedicated, puts up a fair defence when challenged
  • Avery: Junior reporter, 25 – 35, easy to underestimate, holds their own with aplomb


Email the Director, Danielle Allan

High Tide by Jason Nwachukwu

After the sudden suicide of her father, Keta is placed under the care of her paternal grandmother, Maggie. As Keta is conflicted between the differentiation of her Christian upbringing and the fate awaiting her father’s spirit, Maggie attempts to enlighten her granddaughter, in the hope that the mysteries of the past can help open her mind.



All characters are of African descent.


  • Maggie: Age – late 40s – 50s. Grandmother to Keta and mother to Keta’s late father. Is the main carer for her granddaughter since her son’s passing
  • Keta: Age – 11-15. Granddaughter to Maggie and is still coming to terms with her father’s passing.
  • Igbo Ancestors: Age – varied. Enslaved African people who overcame captors on a slave ship. Desirable – able to sing and dance


Email the Writer/Director Jason Nwachukwu

Bottling It by Rob Wallis

While minding his own business / fiddling with his phone, Steven comes across an old bottle. When he casually rubs it, he summons a genie who offers to grant him three wishes. He soon realises he should have followed the adage “Be careful what you wish for”!



  • Steven: Male, late 20s/early 30s. A normal bloke.
  • Genie: Any age, any gender. Very deadpan in delivery. (Needs to look like a proper genie regardless so you’ll need to be up for turbans and harem pants, though you don’t have to be blue!)


Email the Director, Lisa Thomas

The Most Hardened Creature by Peter Stevens

A boiling day in Crimea, summer 1855. Florence Nightingale is tending a wounded soldier using her modern nursing methods when she meets Dr James Barry, a renowned surgeon. They lock horns on their different attitudes to medicine and to life, but Florence suspects that they may have more in common than Dr Barry is prepared to reveal.



  • Florence Nightingale: F, 30s. In charge, confident, takes no prisoners
  • Dr James Barry: F (this is essential), 50s+. In manner, the epitome of a typical Victorian gent, with sexist and patronising attitudes and a great sense of importance. A flamboyant dresser
  • Orderly: M, 20-40s, Knows everyone and everything
  • Soldier: M, 20s+. In extremis, only has one line


Email the Director, Lisa Thomas

The One They Left Behind by Jenny Gammon

A whimsical tale or something more sinister? What is the strange effect this unusual bottle of rum has on mum and dad – Beryl and Brian? When Denise and Peter decide to leave the rum bottle in the care of Peter’s parents in their Spanish villa, little did they know what the consequences might be.



Denise and Peter are a couple on holiday in a villa belonging to Peter’s parents. Ages can be very flexible as are Beryl and Brian’s, but there should be a sufficient age gap between the two couples, indicating their generation difference.


  • Denise – 30s? Sensible, caring, practical
  • Peter – 30s? Considerate, loving, tries his best
  • Beryl – 60s? Happy nature – tendency to get emotional
  • Brian – 60s? Forthright – can appear slightly irritable but his heart is in the right place


Email the Writer/Director, Jenny Gammon

Go! by Bryce Millard

Loosely based on the theme of Antigone by Sophocles, this play examines the need to do whatever is necessary to right wrongs and fight injustices, whenever and wherever they occur and at whatever cost to ourselves personally. So who has the bottle to go and help those suffering in Ukraine? Advisory: strong language and graphic description of conflict.



Two sisters but quite unalike in character. Mid to late 20s


  • Izzy: Older sister. Basically insecure and self-doubting but naturally intelligent – craves safety and security. Takes most things at face value. Represents the silent majority who may be concerned about issues but cannot or will not take action
  • Tig: Younger but more mature. She takes life quite seriously and is very concerned about the world. Selfless, passionate and brave, she is an activist prepared to suffer herself to help others. Represents the individual/vocal minority (think Great Thunberg/Extinction Rebellion) with the bottle to put compassion into action


Email the Director, Hayley Thomas

The Bottle Episode by Eddie Coleman

When producing a show, why build an elaborate set, employ complex stunts and effects, or use an extensive cast of actors, when you can enclose all the action in a small space with a handful of juicy characters and really get under their skins – as they get under each others’? Four bickering fans of a niche TV genre, with nowhere to go, debate this question while avoiding the bigger issues – and the unpleasant item in the corner.



  • Ted – Perhaps older than some others – pompous and conceited; puts himself in charge
  • Belle – Motherly and caring, calm and principled
  • Denny – Perhaps younger than some others – a young challenger, full of questions and ideals
  • Rory – A quiet and brooding non-conformist full of angst and pent-up aggression.

Email the Director, Guy Jones

Sea Sense by Jacob Smith

An epic ocean voyage. A captain resolutely focused on his mission to reach land. A porter seeking existential solace at the bottom of a bottle. This wry comedy explores the very limits of the known universe.



  • Captain – focused, diligent, military bearing – any age or gender but may work best channelling Lord Melchett from Blackadder.
  • Porter – drunken philosopher with a canny knack of seeing the truth – any age or gender but may work best channelling Withnail.


Email the Director, Peter Stevens

Bathwater by Audrey Lindsay

Brothers, bubbles, babies and Burberry – the beginnings for any successful dinner party surely? Meet Aaron and Lena, the hosts of tonight’s gathering and proud new owners of a luxury home swim spa. Aaron’s brother Mike and his wife Jools join the celebrations with a new baby in tow. But what lies beneath a simple gathering, unveils a rather unexpected turn of events.



  • Lena: Late 30s/early 40s, unemotional, dressed with expensive class, cashmere
  • Jools: Early 30s, still carrying her baby weight, earth mother, probably wears a floral comfy dress
  • Mike: Mid to late 30s, Jools’ husband. Smart casual, he might be a teacher
  • Aaron: Clearly older than his brother Mike, he is Lena’s husband. A successful businessman


Email the Director, Roisin Deady

The Clear Out by LA Coleman

What happens when we finally let go? Sometimes we hold on to our pain for too long and grief can overtake us. What happens when we finally open up, let go and clear out? Passing strangers help Jack come to terms with his loss.



  • Jack – M, 40s / 50s.


Email the Director