The Old Fire Station Needs You. Pt I

This week we posted an exciting video of our new theatre space and we can’t wait to get back into our familiar and much-loved building.

However, because of budget limitations, some of it will be more familiar than we might have wished for, but we are nothing but resourceful and the fundraising continues.

The shortfall in funding needed to complete the project means that our first and second floors have had minimal work done to them. They are particularly important as they are the floors that have rooms and spaces that we want to make available to the community and to also hire in order to sustain the building in the years ahead. In the coming months, after we reoccupy the building, we will need to do the work of completing these floors ourselves, a project we are calling Restoration Phase 2.

SLT’s membership boasts a lot of talented and skilled people but we would greatly appreciate some professional help and we are appealing to members of our community who may have skills that they can offer. In particular we need plasterers, carpenters, electricians and also decorators who can do skilled preparation work. Please email Chaz our general stage manager here with your contact details if you think you have skills that you are willing to offer.

For those of us who are not so skilled there will be loads of other ways we can help particularly on the grand moving in weekend which will be 14/15 April.