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Jude Benning’s Spider spins more web

03 Feb 24

Following its development and run at SLT in April 2023, Spider, written and directed by Jude Benning, has been programmed by Riverside Studios for its February 2024 Bitesize Festival.


Jude Benning says “We owe so much to everyone at SLT for what we have been able to achieve. The resources and generous community spirit enabled us to develop and produce a slick and marketable show. Phil Gammon’s amazing photos have been an especially valuable asset.”


For those of you who didn’t catch it at SLT, Spider is an irreverent fast-paced romp with a deeply-flawed character (played by Jason Salmon) at its heart. It explores themes of power, authority, and manipulation set against a backdrop of shifting social values.


For years Frank Dowling has had his acting students in his thrall. But two decades after starring in the West End hit, Spider, his vigour is waning. Set in a London drama school, we watch his students develop over the course of a year, their training culminating in an improvisational game set in Epping Forest. Here, over a few hot days in June, the discipline learned in the rehearsal room rapidly starts to unravel.


Performances will run from 19 to 25 February with eight of the original ten cast members and a reduced run time of 60 minutes. Tickets are £10 / £6.50, available here.