Submissions now open for 2022

In a spirit of optimism that the worst of the pandemic is behind us, and that 2022 will see us return to some sense of normality at SLT in terms of the numbers and types of shows we present, your Theatre Committee is delighted to announce that we’re opening the window for submissions for February – July 2022 from 30 June to midnight on 30 August.

We’re going to do things slightly differently this time around and ask interested directors to email theatrecommittee@southlondontheatre.co.uk as soon as possible and we’ll send you a guidance pack on selecting and submitting a play, together with a link to the submission form. We’ll be looking for around 9 new submissions – some directors whose shows were chosen before but then never came to performance have been given the opportunity to have first dibs on a 2022/1 slot – you know who you are, so please let us know by 30 August!

There are a few things we should flag before you get in touch. The first is that the play you choose should not have been performed at SLT for at least a decade (check the SLT Wiki here) If you’re a playwright with a new original play you’d like to have put on, please only submit if you have found someone who has read it and is willing to direct it – that could of course be yourself! 

We welcome submissions of plays which help to represent our diverse community in south London.

Applying for licences to perform has been fraught with difficulties in recent months, and plays which rely on permissions coming from agents (often the case with new work) rather than publishers like Nick Hern or Concord can be especially tricky. If you don’t already have a particular play in mind, it’s worth checking what’s available via publishers, and we’d always recommend you have a back-up plan in case your favourite isn’t available to us. The National Theatre bookshop is a great place to browse!

When submitting, bear in mind that the process for preparing  a show is about 12 weeks from auditions to the end of the run.

The 2022/1 season will be selected by the post-AGM (6 September) Theatre Committee, whoever that comprises, so the current committee will just process submissions and hand them on with the aim that the new season can be chosen and announced by the end of October latest.

One final caveat – and you could all see this coming, but all our plans will be subject to Covid-related events, restrictions and regulations. Let’s keep everything crossed that we don’t have to worry about that. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Email theatrecommittee@southlondontheatre.co.uk to express your interest in submitting or to ask any questions. This won’t commit you to anything. Deadline for submissions is 30 August 2021

Barry, Ben & Cal

SLT Theatre Committee