Switzerland by Joanna Murray-Smith

September 28-October 02

Running time: Act 1 50-60 minutes  Act 2 30 – 40 minutes  There will be a 15 minute interval.

Somewhere in the Swiss Alps, sometime in the 90s, Patricia Highsmith, queen of the thriller, has managed to escape from both her fans and her publisher. Surrounded by her collection of books and antique weaponry, her cats and her cigarettes, Patricia enjoys her seclusion until the day a young man arrives. He claims to have been sent by her New York publisher to persuade her to write one final novel featuring the master manipulator, Tom Ripley. But as day breaks over the mountains, it becomes clear that the young man has a far more sinister mission in mind.

Director: Jessica Osorio


Patricia: Caroline Doyle

Edward: Joe Dominic