The Big Move, Pt II – The Return

Hello all you lovely people! Guess what? We’re moving back to West Norwood! Back to The Fire Station! OMG! etc, etc …

However, this isn’t a small task… For those who were there for The Big Move Part I – Exodus, you remember that it was a full day of shifting and sorting. This needs to happen again.

So, I call upon you, you brave volunteers, you crazy fools, you young love-birds and theatre officiandoes … Can you help once more?

The date is Saturday 14th April, but 2 weeks from now.

There will be two teams as before, Stanley Halls vs The Fire Station, and a van (or two) shuttling between the sites. A lot of prep work has been done in advance to get the rooms ready for all our stuff so hopefully it should run smoothly as before. You don’t have to do the whole day, even a few hours would be much appreciated.

Please email me here and let me know which site you can be at and for how long.

NOTE. Please don’t all plump for The Fire Station, this is not going to be a day for wandering and getting a feel for the space. This is a day of GRAFT. ALL WORK. 🙂

– Chaz Doyle