Vampir by Bryon Fear

Vampir by Bryon Fear - 8pm, 25-29 October 2022

Vampir by Bryon Fear - 8pm, 25-29 October 2022October 25-29, 2022

Running time: 70 mins (approx.)


A creature invented in folklore, given credence by religion and celebrated in the arts, emerges from the twisted shadows of a world struck with a fear as primal and as ancient as the myth itself. Vampir explores the enduring appeal of the vampire and the true meaning of monster.

Vampir is a physical theatre dance piece which explores the vampire myth as an allegory for homophobia. The piece was first performed in 1994 and is being resurrected and reinvented for 2022.

Potential Triggers: Homophobia, violence, blood

If you intend to audition please send the director an email in advance (email link below).

Director: Bryon Fear


Audition 1: Sunday, February 6, 10am (Main audition)
Audition 2: Monday, February 7, 8pm (Single character audition)

Auditions will take place at The Old Fire Station, 2a Norwood High Street, London, SE27 9NS.

First rehearsal: 10am, Sunday, February 27, 2022


Please note the following, we are looking for:

  • Some experience in dance theatre / physical theatre is preferable but not necessary
  • Actors with good levels of physical fitness*
  • A diverse cast regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality or ability
  • Uninhibited actors who are willing to be part of an organic and intimate workshop process
  • Actors who have no prejudice regarding gay, queer or homosexual themes

*Due to the nature of physical theatre and the close proximity that the ensemble will have to work with each other, we are asking that auditionees are fully vaccinated unless they have a valid medical exemption

Vampir has an extended rehearsal period beginning with Sunday morning rehearsals from the end of February through to early August when the schedule switches to three rehearsals a week (Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons)

Audition 1 (6 Feb) Main Audition Ensemble

Please come to the audition in comfortable clothes and shoes for movement. The audition will begin with a physical warm-up and some fun movement workshops. There will also be a short one-on-one interview where auditionees will get the chance to ask questions about the production and rehearsal process.

Audition 2 (7 Feb) Specific Female Character Role

This audition is for a female role, with a playing age above 45. This is for a character who is not required to be a part of the physical movement ensemble. It is predominantly a spoken role. We are looking for an actor who can create a memorable and unusual character.