Bar News

Your Bar is in danger

18 May 22

We hope that your enjoyment of SLT is made even better with a refreshing drink from your lovely basement bar.

It’s a great place to meet people and socialise, and for many members it holds lots of fond memories. But since the pandemic, too often it’s looking like this picture. We’re really struggling to keep the bar open, even on show weeks, because of a lack of volunteers, so it’s in danger of being closed just when you might need it.


Time was when the bar was open every night, supporting rehearsals in between show weeks as well as show nights. But now we even have to shout-out for people to do a bar spot on show nights, and there are a number of stalwarts who do multiple shifts in a week to make sure we can serve our audiences and casts pre and post-show who are getting very tired. Sometimes we’re able to open the bar on Sundays for all those feverishly working on get-ins, but sometimes we’re not. Sometimes we’re there for the cast and crew on a Monday night to celebrate when the dress rehearsal is done, but mostly we’re not – we’d really like to be able to open more often, and certainly not to have to twist any arms!


The bar belongs to SLT members, and the considerable revenue it generates helps keep our theatre alive, so it’s really important. It’s quite simple – the more volunteers we have, the better the volunteer spots are spread, so that’s why we’re shouting out for more members to step up, whether trained or untrained!

We don’t ask you to do a minimum number of bar spots, and there’s no rota involved – you choose the volunteer spots that work for you. We need two volunteers on show nights, so maybe if there’s someone you want to catch up with or get to know, arrange to do a shift together. If you fancy a quieter night, and maybe have some reading or work to do, the rehearsal nights can allow you time to yourself between keeping the casts refreshed, or the chance to have a meeting with someone.

Doing a bar spot is a great way to network and it’s fun too. Bar volunteers make it look easy because – well, it is! As our bar is cashless there’s no money to count and the Zettle app on our tablets works just like shopping online – tap what you want, done! And we’ll even throw in a couple of free drinks when you do a spot.


Have you been part of a show recently? You probably appreciated a well-earned drink and the chance to meet family and friends in the bar post show, so maybe you can think about repaying the favour for others? It’s a great way too of finding out about upcoming opportunities for acting or backstage.


If you’d like to be trained (or refresher trained) to work on the bar, just get in touch – we’d love to hear from you – just email if you’d like to find out more. If you’re ready to sign up now for a spot, click/tap here.


Adam Crook & Guy Jones

Members’ Club Chair and Deputy