by Thomas Eccleshare

Director: Penny Allen
Performances: March 19-23, 2019
Auditions: December 17 & 18

2 actors

Heather’s written a novel that’s become an international best-seller and Harry, her publisher, is fending off the press and requests for interviews with the reclusive writer. Heather and Harry develop a relationship and share their joy as the book’s success grows but they have never met in person. No one knows who Heather is. The plot evolves into a head to head meeting between the pair.

Old Fools
by Tristan Bernays

Director: Mark Ireson
Performances: April 16-20, 2019
Auditions: January 6 & 7

1 woman
1 man

Old Fools is a closely observed, heartwarming and heartbreaking play for two actors, which tells the story of pianist Tom and linguist Viv, from their first meeting in their twenties into old age. Along the way they dance, marry, raise a child, move countries and face the challenges that life throws at them.