The Father
by Florian Zeller translated by Christopher Hampton

Director: Jess Osorio
Performances: February 5-9, 2019
Auditions: November 6 & 8

3 Women
3 Men

The relationship between a father, Andre, and his daughter Anne who attempts to balance her love for her father and the need to care for him with the demands of her own life. Mirroring King Lear in the parent-child relationship, and looks at how the balance of power between parent and child shifts with age.

Out of Love
by Elinor Cook

Director: Cal Beckett
Performances: February 19-23, 2019
Auditions: November 11 & 12

2 Women
3 Men

Lorna and Grace do everything together. They share crisps, cigarettes and crushes; that's what happens when you're best friends forever. But at 18, they suddenly find themselves in starkly different worlds. Can anything bridge the gap between them? A tale of female friendship, love and rivalry over 30 years.