Postcards from God - The Sister Wendy Musical
by Marcus Reeves

Director: Bryon Fear
Performances: November 6-10, 2018

7 Women
1 Man
2 Girls
Ensemble (Men & Women) plays a crucial role with lots of great parts

Based on a true story comes an uplifting and joyous musical celebrating the importance of art as seen through the gentle eyes of Sister Wendy Beckett, a nun who is about to become an unlikely, but massive celebrity.

Forty Winks
by Kevin Elyot

Director: Chaz Doyle
Performances: November 20-24, 2018

1 Woman
4 Men
1 Teenage Girl

Don is still carrying a torch for Diana, his childhood sweetheart stolen away by Howard. Don unexpectedly drops in on Howard and Diana, having not seen them for 15 years. They now have a daughter, Hermia, who is the image of Diana when Don first fell for her. Old longings bubble dangerously to the surface.