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SLT Auditions - Frequently Asked Questions

Our upcoming auditions are listed below, but before you dive in and apply, here are a few FAQs so you know what to expect.

Can anyone audition for SLT shows?

Yes - our auditions are free and open to all, whether you’ve acted before or not. We just ask that you contact the director and complete an audition form in advance to book your place (please don’t just turn up on the day), and prepare any audition pieces as instructed. Only auditionees will be allowed into the audition room, unless you’re in need of assistance or under the age of 18 (see below)

I’m under 18 - can I audition?

Yes, if the role is age-appropriate, but you must contact the director in advance as you will need to be chaperoned throughout the audition (and subsequent rehearsals). The chaperone can be your parent or guardian.

Do you have to be an SLT member to audition?

No, but if you’re cast in a show it’s mandatory for you to take out Full Membership (concession rates are available) before the first rehearsals take place.

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Does SLT pay people taking part in shows?

SLT is a non-professional theatre; we make theatre for the love of it. You will be auditioning to take part in a show which is NOT paid work, nor can we refund your travel expenses, so you may want to consider carefully the journeys you will have to make to attend rehearsals and performances if you’re cast - timing as well as cost!

What form do auditions take?

This will depend on the director and the play. Most auditions tend to be in groups, so that the director can see how would-be actors work together in a variety of scenes, but sometimes a director may wish to see auditionees individually. Typically there is an online form to complete to book your place and in order to receive audition pieces. There is also a button on the audition notice to email the director and find out more.

When will I hear back from the director?

We aim to respond to every auditionee with a decision after no longer than a week following the audition. If you impress at the first audition, you may be asked to attend a call-back a few days later. Rehearsals normally start within about 3 weeks of auditions, so it’s not usually a lengthy process. If you’ve been unsuccessful, the director will normally try to let you know as soon as possible, but if you’re not cast on your first attempt, please don’t be afraid to try again if another play is of interest to you! Joining SLT and taking on a backstage or volunteer role is also a great way to get to know people and find out more upcoming opportunities.

Where are these auditions then?

Any upcoming auditions will be listed below on this page. If none is shown, it usually means we've cast already for shows in the remainder of the season. However, it won't be long before something is listed, as we put on over 20 shows per year.

To ensure you're kept informed as auditions come up, join our mailing list using the form at the bottom of the page, follow our Facebook page or bookmark this page.

Auditions: Four Old Broads

By Leslie Kimble

Retired burlesque queen Beatrice Shelton desperately needs a vacation. A Sassy Seniors Cruise through the Caribbean may be just the ticket if she can just convince her best friend, Eaddy Mae Clayton, to stop praying and go with her.

Unfortunately, things have not been very pleasant at Magnolia Place Assisted Living since Nurse Pat Jones began working there. The newest resident, Imogene Fletcher, is suddenly losing her memory, along with many other resident...

Director: Saskia van ‘t Hoff

Performances: 5 - 9 Nov 2024

Cast Needed: 6F, 1M

Auditions: 21 Jul & 22 Jul 2024

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Auditions: A View From the Bridge

By Arthur Miller

The play is set in Brooklyn, New York, in the 1940s/50s in the dockland area of Red Hook below Brooklyn Bridge. Although the drama is contemporary, it has the distinct quality of an epic Greek tragedy. Alfieri, a local lawyer, acts as a narrator/chorus, on stage throughout the drama. Eddie and Beatrice, both in their 40s, live with their adopted niece Catherine, aged 17. Marco and Rudolpho, cousins of Beatrice, arrive as illegal immigrants from Sicily. Marco wants to wor...

Director: Janine Wunsche

Performances: 19 - 23 Nov 2024

Cast Needed: 6M, 2F

Auditions: 21 Jul, 11 Aug & 12 Aug 2024

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Auditions: Little Women The Musical

By Allan Knee and Jason Howland

Little Women The Musical focuses on the four March sisters: traditional Meg, wild, aspiring writer Jo, timid Beth and romantic Amy, and their beloved Marmee, at home in Concord, Massachusetts, while their father is away serving during the Civil War. Jo’s melodramatic short stories, written in her attic, recreate their lives and lead us through a heart-warming and tragic journey through the lives of these Little Women....

Director: Florence Henderson

Performances: 21 - 25 Jan 2025

Cast Needed: 7F, 4M

Auditions: 27 Jul, 28 Jul & 29 Jul 2024

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