Next Fall
by Geoffrey Nauffts

Director: Barry Heselden
Performances: May 1-5, 2018

4 Men
2 Women

A witty and provocative play that takes a look at faith, commitment and unconditional love through the five year relationship of Adam and Luke. This is not you’re a typical love story as it forces us to examine what it means to “believe” and what it may cost not to.

Miss Julie
by August Strindberg

Director: Anna Rubincam
Performances: May 15-19, 2018

2 Women
1 Man

It’s Midsummer’s Eve in a grand country house, a night of revelry, dancing and pleasure below stairs. The master is out and his daughter, Julie, has descended into the kitchen to find her father’s valet, John, working late. What begins as a flirtation between servant and mistress quickly escalates into a dangerous confrontation. Over the course of one night, both reveal their true natures to each other, and must then face the consequences.