Jumpers for Goalposts
by Tom Wells

Director: Will Howells
Performances: January 14-18, 2020
Auditions: October 14 & 16

4 Men, 1 Woman

Barely Athletic’s coach Viv dreams of winning the league – or at least not coming last. But Geoff is distracted by the opposition, Joe is distracted by grief, and Luke and Danny are distracted by each other. A hilarious comedy drama about love, loss, friendship and five-a-side football.


by Nine Raine

Director: Andy Webb
Performances: January 28-February 1, 2020
Auditions: October 27 & 28

3 men, 4 women

A group of lawyers find themselves on opposing sides of a rape case and, as the play unfolds, rivals in a love triangle. The play is about sex, rape, infidelity, betrayal, justice, revenge. But weirdly, you might think, it is also a comedy.