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05 Nov 2019

Jumpers For Goalposts

January 14-18, 2020 Running time: 100 minutes Viv dreams of winning the local five-a-side LGBT football league – or at least not coming last. Unfortunately, her teammates are distracted: Geoff by the opposition, Joe by grief, and Luke and Danny by each other. Is victory against the lesbians too much to ask?   Director: Will Howells Cast: Viv – Hannah Tomkins Joe – Greg Williams Geoff – Jacob Smith Danny – Chris Cahill Luke – Joe Pike

01 Oct 2019

A Christmas Carol

December 12-15 & 18-21, 2019 Running time: TBC Using only Charles Dickens’ extraordinary words and an ensemble of eight actors, the quintessential story of ghosts, greed and goodwill is given boisterous new life in this chilling, contemporary, fresh production.   Director: Mark Ireson Cast: Elena Markham Izi Miller Josiah Phoenix Justin Bikram Ross McKenzie Simon Gleisner Susan Stillman Tom Melly

24 Jul 2019

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

November 22-23 & 26-30, 2019 Running time: TBC Victim of a gross injustice that robbed him of his wife and child, Sweeney Todd sets about exacting his terrible revenge. But as the bodies pile up what’s to be done with them? Todd and accomplice Mrs Lovett have an ingenious idea … Pie, anyone?   Director: Lee Ridgeway Cast: Sweeney Todd – Johan Samuelsson Mrs Lovett – Nina Zendejas Judge Turpin – Ian MacEwan Beadle Bamford – Peter Bond The Beggar […]

24 Jul 2019

How To Disappear Completely And Never Be Found

November 5-9, 2019 Running time: TBC Charlie is at breaking point and something needs to change. He embarks on crazy journey to change the only thing he can – himself. Along the way he encounters a fortune teller, a priest, a pathologist and lots and lots of lost property.   Director: Barry Heselden Cast: Charlie/Adam – Owen Davis-Walker Sophie – Yulia Kovnat Man 1 – Chaz Doyle Man 2 – Graham Rice Woman 1 – Róisín Deady Woman 2 – […]

24 Jul 2019


October 22-26, 2019 Running time: TBC Lear’s grip on her country is fading. The war with climate change is all but lost, her daughters are fighting over the scraps and the rain is raining every day. As Britain fractures, will a ray of hope shine through?   Director: Bex Law Cast: Lear – Helen Chadney Goneril – Ruby Todd Albany – Jason Rosenthal Regan – Laura-Jayne Hickerton Cornwall – Naomi Liddle Cordelia – Olivia O’Donnell France – Robert Norville Burgundy […]

24 Jul 2019

The Night Heron

October 8-12, 2019 Running time: TBC The sighting of a rare bird attracts attention to a remote part of the Fens but the visiting birdwatchers cannot know what dangers lie in the freezing darkness of the marshes. In an isolated cabin this dark, funny and spellbinding play about a group of outcasts and eccentrics unfolds with unexpected results.   Director: Lisa Thomas Cast Wattmore – Jack King Griffin – Tom Watts Bolla Fogg – Caroline Doyle Neddy Beagle – Chris […]

24 Jul 2019

Di and Viv and Rose

September 24-28, 2019 Running time: 160 minutes including interval Aged 18, three women join forces. Together they feel unassailable. Crackling with wisdom and wit, Di and Viv and Rose is a humorous and thoughtful exploration of friendship’s impact on life and life’s impact on friendship.   Director: Jo Boniface Cast: Di – Eleanor Hindson Viv – Jess Garment Rose – Lauren Paterson

24 Jul 2019

Sticks and Stones

September 10-147, 2019 Running time: TBC Sometimes we can’t find the right words. Sometimes the wrong word just slips out. Sometimes the right words become the wrong words. In an age when technology can multiply and amplify every mistake, can we find a way to truly understand each other?   Director: Guy Jones Cast: B – Lucy Spreckley Fred/A/D/E – Jazz Long C/Trainer/HR/Kid – Megan Jordan

16 Jun 2019

Peter Pan

July 23-27, 2019 Running time: 105 minutes Canine child-care, pirate-prosthetics, horologically-challenged reptiles, and a boy with a serious hormone deficiency, not to mention a terrible case of ADHD. A strange, charming, and surprisingly blood-thirsty classic of children’s theatre – so be prepared for a radical, modern staging!   Director: Tom Melly Cast: Mrs Darling/Adult Wendy – Audrey Lindsay Wendy/Jane – Róisín Deady Mr Darling – Martin Copland-Gray Michael – Alice Kiff John – David Clements Peter Pan – Laarni Cornista-Hollebon Liza – Orla Caitlin Lost Boy – Panit […]

14 Apr 2019

Low Level Panic

July 2-6, 2019 Running time: TBC Three flatmates. A single bathroom. A whole world of men. In this funny, blunt play three women figure out how they really feel about sex, their bodies and each other, and we look at the effects of society’s objectification of women.   Director: Siobhán Campbell Cast: Celia – Fiona Daffern Jo – Anna Callender Mary – Bex Law