Heather / Ten Men

March 19-23, 2019

Two 1 Act Plays Double Bill

Running time: Approximately 150 minutes including interval; Ten Men will be staged before the interval, Heather afterwards

Heather (Director: Penny Thomas)

Heather’s written a novel that’s become an international best-seller and Harry, her publisher, is fending off the press and requests for interviews with the reclusive writer … but why?

Heather: Jennifer Nettles
Harry: Deesh Mariwala

Ten Men (Director: Elaine Heath)

Ten Men is the life of the actor/thug/criminal/alleged lover of Princess Margaret and possessor of a 12-inch appendage, John Bindon. Charismatic and clever, Bindon lived the lives of Ten Men.

John Bindon: Matthew Platt