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October 22-26, 2019

Running time: TBC

Lear’s grip on her country is fading. The war with climate change is all but lost, her daughters are fighting over the scraps and the rain is raining every day. As Britain fractures, will a ray of hope shine through?

Director: Bex Law


Lear – Helen Chadney
Goneril – Ruby Todd
Albany – Jason Rosenthal
Regan – Laura-Jayne Hickerton
Cornwall – Naomi Liddle
Cordelia – Olivia O’Donnell
France – Robert Norville
Burgundy – David Martinez
Kent – Bob Callender
Gloucester – Tom Melly
Edgar – Ann-Maria McCarthy
Edmund – Geraldine Vaughan
Fool – Laarni Cornista-Hollebon
Oswald – Tom Mitchell
Curan – Sam Bell
Soldier – Anita Sollis
Soldier – Sally Cohen
Soldier – Cat Campion
Soldier – Lydie Koritsas
Soldier – Dominic Adams
Soldier – Tiffany Manning