16 Jul 2018

Nell Gwynn – Casting Announcement

Mark Ireson, director of Jessica Swale’s Nell Gwynn announces his cast: “I’m excited to announce such a strong cast of both newcomers and more familiar SLT faces for this tremendous show. It is always a pleasure to have so many talented folk come to audition, and we were overwhelmed by the number of people, particularly women, who came along. It made the choice very difficult. Thank you all.” – Mark Ireson There is one part still to be cast – […]

13 Jul 2018

Changes To Managing SLT Memberships

SLT is now using a new system to manage our membership payments and renewals. It is called Pay Subs Online and allows you to manage your SLT membership securely and with ease. If you are a current member you can sign into your account and set a password and manage your details. If you are thinking about becoming a member there are new forms which link directly to the new system. For both renewals and new memberships head over to […]

11 Jul 2018

Toad of Toad Hall – The Director’s View

Tom Melly tells us about his directorial debut Toad of Toad Hall, our next production at SLT Why did you choose this play? Toad forms my first memory of seeing ‘proper’ theatre. It still brings back memories of the smell and feel of red plush seats, the sound of the orchestra warming up, and the elaborate proscenium sets. It was a children’s play, but a very different experience from the pantomimes I’d seen up until then, and I fell in […]

29 Jun 2018

Celebrate Our Official Opening With Us

** THIS WEEKEND ** This weekend we celebrate the official reopening of SLT’s Old Fire Station home with a host of free (and some ticketed) workshops and events for all ages. There are lots of things for you, your friends and families to do. Come and discover your local theatre with theatre workshops including juggling and how to audition. Learn about the history of the building with heritage tours of our renovated home with lots of fun things for kids […]

29 Jun 2018

Aspidistra Resistance – Casting Announcement

Joanna Ostrowska, director of our  new writing competition winning Aspidistra Resistance by Polly Churchill announces her cast: “I feel honoured to be directing my first play for South London Theatre and in addition a play that had won the SLT playwriting competition and so has never been performed before. Auditions were held over a few weeks and many very talented people come through the doors of the theatre. A huge thank to Jess Osorio for helping me with the whole […]

27 Jun 2018

The Misanthrope – The Director’s View

Naomi Liddle tells us about her show The Misanthrope, our next production at SLT This is your second Molière play for SLT – what’s the attraction for you? I originally came across The Hypochondriac rather by accident and fell in love with the way that Roger McGough transposed the original text into shamelessly modern speech while keeping the rhyming structure. I had been thinking of doing another of McGough’s translations but then came across Martin Crimp’s version of The Misanthrope and was hooked. Molière […]

25 Jun 2018

Toad of Toad Hall

8pm July 17-21, 2018  The infamous escapades of Toad leading to his imprisonment, escape, and subsequent fight with the weasels and stoats to regain his home, Toad Hall. Running time: TBC   Director: Tom Melly Cast: Mole – Steph Urquhart Rat – Alaska Couprie Badger – Ross McKenzie Toad – Simon Gleisner Chief Weasel & Ensemble – Audrey Lindsay Ensemble #1 – Anna Callender Ensemble #2 – Andrew Gaitskell Ensemble #3 – Jackie Burch Ensemble #4 – Philip Cohen Ensemble #5 – Deborah […]

19 Jun 2018

Trailer: No Exit

Tuesday 5 June – Saturday 9 June Opening on tonight is the intense, clever and claustrophobic No Exit, a translation of Sartre’s 1944 play Huis Clos. It is the story of Garcin, Inez and Estelle who are about to discover why they have been brought inexplicably together in the confines of a small room … ‘a phenomenon of the modern theatre … it should be seen whether you like it or not’ – Stark Young (NY critic,1946) Tickets for this […]

15 Jun 2018

2019 Submissions Spring/Summer Now Open

** Deadline Midnight 7 July ** Get your creative juices flowing and your thinking caps on and whatever other mashed up metaphors you want to use, because submissions for 2019 are open! And we’re taking the opportunity, now we’re back home in the Old Fire Station, to make a few changes. We’re going to divide the year into two six-month seasons – Spring/Summer covering March to August, and Autumn/Winter from September to February. Shorter seasons will let us focus on […]

14 Jun 2018

No Exit – The Director’s View

Guy Jones tells us about No Exit, his directorial debut and our next show at SLT You’ve been drawn to this play for a long time – what is it that fascinates you? I saw it on TV when I was a teenager, with Omar Sharif and Cherie Lunghi, and was engaged by the subversion of the notion of the afterlife.  As I matured and revisited it though, the themes of identity and power dynamics within personal interactions became more […]