23 Aug 2019

SLT Wardrobe Needs Your Help

How can you help? SLT has an extensive costume collection. As well as costuming our own shows, every week we open wardrobe to the public and hire costumes out. This provides a valuable income stream for SLT and we are really keen to increase the amount of hires and raise more money for the club. We are looking to publicise our wardrobe services more widely and to this end we have been working closely with our publicity director, Bryon, who is […]

20 Aug 2019

Open General Council Meetings

Come along and see how SLT works As promised at the AGM in May, we are going to open up more of our General Council meetings for members to come along and see how we work. It’s an opportunity to learn more about what we do, how we do it, and maybe see if it’s something you’d like to get involved with. The first of these will be on 16th September at the Old Fire Station. We are planning to […]

19 Aug 2019

Casting Announcement: Lear

Bex Law announces her cast for Lear, which will be staged in late October. “Recruiting for Lear has been an absolute pleasure. Everyone that auditioned tackled the text and characters head on, and threw themselves into the scenes with gusto. There were certainly difficult decisions to be made, not least due to the large number of potential recruits. Susan (Stillman, Assistant Director) and I had a hard time deciding between a very talented bunch of actors, but we are delighted […]

09 Aug 2019

Casting Announcement: The Night Heron

Lisa Thomas announces her cast for Jez Butterworth’s The Night Heron, which will be staged in early October. “The Night Heron was Jez Butterworth’s second play after the wildly successful Mojo. It’s a fascinating play that manages to be very funny, deeply spiritual, spooky and scary, as its heroes (or antiheroes), two sacked Cambridge University gardeners, scratch a precarious living in the heart of the Fens. I’m delighted to have attracted such a great cast and hope audiences will enjoy […]

26 Jul 2019

Fest Norwood – Events Trailer

Fest Norwood 2-11 August, 2019 Get your diaries out, Fest Norwood is coming, and we have some incredibly exciting events this year!! There is something for everyone: adults, children and youth in this year’s Fest Norwood, as we bring a whole host of events and workshops to the heart of West Norwood. We have dance, music, comedy, theatre, film, art and so much more. So don’t miss out and head over to www.festnorwood.com for the full listings, which include many […]

24 Jul 2019

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

November 22-23 & 26-30, 2019 Running time: TBC Victim of a gross injustice that robbed him of his wife and child, Sweeney Todd sets about exacting his terrible revenge. But as the bodies pile up what’s to be done with them? Todd and accomplice Mrs Lovett have an ingenious idea … Pie, anyone?   Director: Lee Ridgeway Cast: Sweeney Todd – Johan Samuelsson Mrs Lovett – Nina Zendejas Judge Turpin – Ian MacEwan Beadle Bamford – Peter Bond The Beggar […]

24 Jul 2019

How To Disappear Completely And Never Be Found

November 5-9, 2019 Running time: TBC Charlie is at breaking point and something needs to change. He embarks on crazy journey to change the only thing he can – himself. Along the way he encounters a fortune teller, a priest, a pathologist and lots and lots of lost property.   Director: Barry Heselden Cast: Charlie/Adam – Owen Davis-Walker Sophie – Yulia Kovnat Man 1 – Chaz Doyle Man 2 – Graham Rice Woman 1 – Róisín Deady Woman 2 – […]

24 Jul 2019


October 22-26, 2019 Running time: TBC Lear’s grip on her country is fading. The war with climate change is all but lost, her daughters are fighting over the scraps and the rain is raining every day. As Britain fractures, will a ray of hope shine through?   Director: Bex Law Cast: Lear – Helen Chadney Goneril – Ruby Todd Albany – Jason Rosenthal Regan – Laura-Jayne Hickerton Cornwall – Naomi Liddle Cordelia – Olivia O’Donnell France – Robert Norville Burgundy […]

24 Jul 2019

The Night Heron

October 8-12, 2019 Running time: TBC The sighting of a rare bird attracts attention to a remote part of the Fens but the visiting birdwatchers cannot know what dangers lie in the freezing darkness of the marshes. In an isolated cabin this dark, funny and spellbinding play about a group of outcasts and eccentrics unfolds with unexpected results.   Director: Lisa Thomas Cast Wattmore – Jack King Griffin – Tom Watts Bolla Fogg – Caroline Doyle Neddy Beagle – Chris […]

24 Jul 2019

Di and Viv and Rose

September 24-28, 2019 Running time: 160 minutes including interval Aged 18, three women join forces. Together they feel unassailable. Crackling with wisdom and wit, Di and Viv and Rose is a humorous and thoughtful exploration of friendship’s impact on life and life’s impact on friendship.   Director: Jo Boniface Cast: Di – Eleanor Hindson Viv – Jess Garment Rose – Lauren Paterson