16 Jun 2019

Peter Pan

July 23-27, 2019 Running time: 105 minutes Canine child-care, pirate-prosthetics, horologically-challenged reptiles, and a boy with a serious hormone deficiency, not to mention a terrible case of ADHD. A strange, charming, and surprisingly blood-thirsty classic of children’s theatre – so be prepared for a radical, modern staging!   Director: Tom Melly Cast: Mrs Darling/Adult Wendy – Audrey Lindsay Wendy/Jane – Róisín Deady Mr Darling – Martin Copland-Gray Michael – Alice Kiff John – David Clements Peter Pan – Laarni Cornista-Hollebon Liza – Orla Caitlin Lost Boy – Panit […]

14 Jun 2019

Members’ Event: Random Reads

Random Reads – 29 June, 2019 The Importance of Being Earnest “I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.” Ladies and Gentlemen, it would be my singular pleasure to invite you to an evening of high wit, delectable company and cucumber sandwiches. The first of what I hope becomes a regular event in the South London Theatre social calendar, Random Reads aims to be a fast-paced, hopefully hilarious, reading of a […]

11 Jun 2019

Get Ready for Fest Norwood 2019!

2-11 August, 2019 Last August SLT hosted the first annual Fest Norwood and it was a blast! Local businesses, venues and community came together and staged 75 events over 10 days, 62 of which were free. The festival was a huge success with events including art exhibitions, heritage, music, dance, life drawing, theatre, events for toddlers, film screenings, magic, dementia workshops, acting and directing workshops, new writing, choirs, spoken word and poetry, comedy, arts & crafts, open-mic sessions, quizzes, photography, […]

07 Jun 2019

Spring Summer 2020 Submissions Opening Soon!

Time flies when SLT are having fun!!! … and before you know it, it’s submission time again! So all you Directors, budding Directors, and also those of you that have a script you love in search of a Director … it is time to dust off those scripts and throw them into the friendly ring of a new SLT Submission period! We are now looking at Spring/Summer 2020 … the buzzing of bees, croquet on the lawn … and a […]

07 Jun 2019

Director Needed for Current Season!

Due to the unavailability of rights for the planned production, SLT now has an open slot in the Autumn/Winter Season and we would love to find a director to fill it. But speed is of the essence as the Autumn Auditions are already starting! So for a week we are reopening submissions. As time is short we would ideally love to hear from someone who is not directing in the 2019 calendar year, yet the challenge may best suit someone with […]

07 Jun 2019

SLT 52nd • The Minutes

  The 52nd AGM, held on 20 May 2019, was extremely well attended and led to some lively debate. It was great to hear such enthusiasm and positivity from members. For those who were unable to attend the draft minutes (to be approved at next year’s meeting) can be downloaded from the link below and slides from the AGM (running order and points of discussion) are in the slideshow above. If you have any questions please email the general secretary […]

05 Jun 2019

Pomona – the Director’s Preview

Director Jason Salmon introduces his latest edgy, urban thriller ahead of its opening on 11 June. This is a dark, dark play – what drew you to it? When I first read the play I was blown away by the themes it was tackling as well as the characters themselves. The themes that it explores are challenging; I’m fascinated by the way it asks genuine questions about the more unpleasant sides of society and makes us question our own beliefs. […]

05 Jun 2019

Social: New Members’ Night

The next new members’ night will be at 8pm Tuesday 15 October   Ever wondered what it’s like to be a member of SLT, but been afraid to ask? If you’re over 18, come down to the Old Fire Station and find out. Or perhaps you’ve not long joined and want to meet a few more of the folk worth knowing around the place – and there are so many! Whatever your interest or motivation for finding out more: on-stage, […]

22 May 2019

The Beaux’ Stratagem – the Director’s Preview

Director Dave Hollander introduces his re-imagining of this classic Restoration romp ahead of its opening on 28 May. There are a lot of restoration comedies – what attracted you to this one? Most importantly, I find it funny, especially as it doesn’t really rely on visual gags for comic effect. Instead, George Farquhar’s script is full of wit and fizzes with zingy one-liners, and there’s certainly more than a whiff of innuendo and intrigue. On a more serious note: as […]

22 May 2019

Report on SLT’s 52nd AGM

What happened at this year’s SLT AGM New Chairman Simon Gleisner gives us an overview I’d like to thank everyone who came along to the Old Fire Station on Monday for our 52nd AGM. It was a great turnout and made for an entertaining evening full of passion and love for our wonderful theatre. The full minutes will be coming out in due course, but I did want to share a few headlines for those who couldn’t make it. Firstly, […]