Peter Pan

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July 23-27, 2019

Running time: 105 minutes

Canine child-care, pirate-prosthetics, horologically-challenged reptiles, and a boy with a serious hormone deficiency, not to mention a terrible case of ADHD. A strange, charming, and surprisingly blood-thirsty classic of children’s theatre – so be prepared for a radical, modern staging!

Director: Tom Melly


Mrs Darling/Adult Wendy – Audrey Lindsay
Wendy/Jane – Róisín Deady
Mr Darling – Martin Copland-Gray
Michael – Alice Kiff
John – David Clements
Peter Pan – Laarni Cornista-Hollebon
Liza – Orla Caitlin
Lost Boy – Panit Chantranuluck
Lost Boy – Helen Downham
Lost Boy – Oliver Adkin
Lost Boy – Philip Cohen
Lost Boy – Jake Neale
Lost Boy – Rosie Rogers
Captain Hook – Christopher Vian-Smith
Smee – Lois Savill
Pirate – Deborah Dubosq
Pirate – Lorenzo Talotti
Pirate – Jackie Burch
Pirate – Iffaat Choudhury
Pirate – Naomi Liddle
Tiger Lily – Kelly-Kim Cranstoun
Other – Pharell Rowland-Osborne