2019 Spring/Summer Season

Radiant Vermin
by Philip Ridley

January 8-12, 2019

Director: Jack King

Expectant parents, Ollie and Jill, fantasise about their dream home, far away from the squalor of their council flat. Then an unexpected letter arrives from a certain Miss Dee. This darkly comic tale satirises our obsession with materialism, and asks just how far we are prepared to go to move up in the world. [More]

She Ventures, And He Wins
by Ariadne

January 22-26, 2019

Director: Bex Law

A fun, flirty and feminist restoration comedy from 1696, written by the mysterious 'Ariadne' - one of the earliest known female playwrights. High-jinks, cross-dressing, mistaken identities and pranks ensue as our dynamic heroines lead the way in a story that puts the women front and centre. [More]

The Father
by Florian Zeller translated by Christopher Hampton

February 5-9, 2019

Director: Jess Osorio

The relationship between a father, Andre, and his daughter Anne who attempts to balance her love for her father and the need to care for him with the demands of her own life. Mirroring King Lear in the parent-child relationship, and looks at how the balance of power between parent and child shifts with age. [More]

Out of Love
by Elinor Cook

February 19-23, 2019

Director: Cal Beckett

Lorna and Grace do everything together. They share crisps, cigarettes and crushes; that's what happens when you're best friends forever. But at 18, they suddenly find themselves in starkly different worlds. Can anything bridge the gap between them? A tale of female friendship, love and rivalry over 30 years. [More]

Communicating Doors
by Alan Ayckbourn

March 5-9, 2019

Director: Simon Gleisner

Set in a dystopian near-future, this time-travelling comedy-thriller follows a dominatrix as she flees for her life through a hotel room door only to find herself 20 years in the past. Stalked by a psychopath in the past, present and future, the opportunity to alter time for the better puts the lives of three women at stake. [More]

Heather / Ten Men - Double Bill
by Thomas Eccleshare / by Franklyn McCabe

March 19-23, 2019

Directors: Penny Thomas / Elaine Heath

Heather’s written a novel that’s become an international best-seller and Harry, her publisher, is fending off the press and requests for interviews with the reclusive writer ... but why? [More]

Ten Men
Ten Men is the life of the actor/thug/criminal/alleged lover of Princess Margaret and possessor of a 12 inch appendage, John Bindon. Charismatic and clever, Bindon lived the lives of Ten Men. [More]

SLT Youth Theatre Double Bill
April 3 - 6, 2019

Variations by Katie Hims
Director: Peter Stevens

In this cautionary 'careful what you wish for' tale, Alice finds herself bouncing between the 'What ifs' of parallel universes when she imagines a life with two sisters rather than the reality of her two brothers.

Dorian Gray adapted by Siobhán Campbell

Director: Siobhán Campbell

'Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something quite tragic'. Youth, innocence, beauty, debauchery. At the turn of the century, Oscar Wilde questions morality, art and sexuality amongst other things. The SLT Youth present their own adaptation of this ageless classic.

Old Fools
by Tristan Bernays

April 16-20, 2019

Director: Mark Ireson

Pianist Tom meets linguist Viv, and we join them on the rollercoaster ride from youth to old age. This is the story of their love and the life they have shared, from first spark to the dying light - but not necessarily in that order. [More]

The Ladykillers
by Graham Linehan

April 30 - May 4, 2019

Director: Charlotte Benstead

Based on the classic black comedy 1956 film, Mrs Wilberforce is a sweet old lady who rents rooms to Professor Marcus and his gang of “amateur musicians”. But the gang are plotting a robbery, and soon she finds herself alone with five desperate men who will stop at nothing to keep her quiet. [More]

Father of Lies
by Anna Rubincam

May 14-18, 2019

Director: Chaz Doyle

A new pope has been elected, the first Irish pope in history. Before he can take office officially, he is told that he must pass a final test. A meeting, over one entire night, alone in a secret chapel, with a visitor that his advisors won’t name. He only has to remember two things: hold fast to your faith and never let your guard down. [More]

The Beaux' Stratagem
by George Farquhar

May 28 - June 1, 2019

Director: Dave Hollander

A pair of charming young con artists arrive at an inn in Lichfield with the aim of marrying a rich heiress and bagging a fortune, but their scheme soon begins to unravel. This uproarious comedy pokes fun at society’s conventions proving that while the best-laid plans can go awry, love is more important than marriage. [More]

by Alistair McDowall

June 11-15, 2019

Director: Jason Salmon

As Ollie ventures further into the shadowy Pomona, in search of her missing sister, she discovers that some questions are best left un-asked. This unnerving mix of urban nightmare and sci-fi thriller challenges our perceptions of what is real and asks just how much are we willing to overlook for a quiet life? [More]

Low Level Panic
by Clare McIntyre

July 2-6, 2019

Director: Siobhán Campbell

Three flatmates. A single bathroom. A whole world of men. In this funny, blunt play three women figure out how they really feel about sex, their bodies and each other, and we look at the effects of society's objectification of women. [More]

Peter Pan
by JM Barrie

July 23-27, 2019

Director: Tom Melly

Canine child-care, pirate-prosthetics, horologically-challenged reptiles, and a boy with a serious hormone deficiency, not to mention a terrible case of ADHD. A strange, charming, and surprisingly blood-thirsty classic of children's theatre - so be prepared for a radical, modern staging! [More]