2021 Season

Double Bill - two plays by Robert Holman

June 15-20, 2021

Director: Lisa Thomas

Two plays depicting a chance meeting of strangers, overshadowed by war. In a Kentish field in 1944 a young man and a conscientious objector make a fierce bond, while in 1982 one mother’s life is affected greatly by the Falklands War.

A Super Happy Story (About Feeling Super Sad)

by Jon Brittain & Matthew Floyd Jones

June 29-July4, 2021

Director: Mark Ireson

A fun, silly and sad show for anyone whose brain isn’t always on their side. Sally’s a happy person. She doesn’t let little things get her down and almost never cries. But she’s got an illness. It makes her feel like she isn’t the person she wants to be….but she doesn’t want anyone to know about it.

The Water Harvest

by Chris Lee

July 27-31, 2021

Director: Paul Dineen

Two boys grow up together in the lap of the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland. Over time their friendship is tested in many ways; by the fates, by emigration, by money and by madness. This is a story of love under pressure, of intense euphoria and deep despair.

SLT Shorts

August 12-14, 2021

The SLT shorts will return for a 3-night run 12-14 August. There will be some writing workshops to help would-be playwrights get to grips with the art of telling your story in less than 10 minutes, and then plenty of opportunities for directors and actors get involved. Find out more here.

The Memory Of Water

by Shelagh Stephenson

August 24-28, 2021

Director: Charlotte Benstead

Three sisters meet on the eve of their mother's funeral. As the conflicts of the past converge, everyday lies and tensions reveal the particular patterns and strains of family relationships.

Pinter double bill (Silence/Night)

by Harold Pinter

September 14-18, 2021

Director: Panit Chantranuluck

Two short plays by Harold Pinter reflecting on memory, experience, affection, and silence.


by Joanna Murray-Smith

September 28-October 2, 2021

Director: Jessica Osorio

1995, the Swiss Alps. Patricia Highsmith, the queen of the thriller, now ageing and ailing, hides away in her study, surrounded by her collection of books and antique weaponry, finding solace in her seclusion, her cats and her cigarettes. A polished young man turns up, sent by her New York publisher to persuade her to write one final instalment of her best-selling series featuring the master manipulator, Tom Ripley. But as day breaks over the mountains, it becomes clear that the charming stranger is set on a far more sinister mission.

Waiting for Godot

by Samuel Beckett

October 12-16, 2021

Director: Jeanette Hoile

Famously described as the play in which, “nothing happens, twice.” Estragon and Vladimir await the arrival of Godot. Quick fire repartee, music hall routines and the humour of surreal banter are used to pass the time. Pozzo and Lucky, a master and servant, appear. Black comedy is never far from the tragedy and pathos of existence, but hope is never lost.


by Kae Tempest

October 26-30, 2021

Director: Rebecca Law

Three old friends in their mid-twenties. One remarkable day. For Ted, Danny and Charlotte, it's time to seize control. Make a difference. Change things. This is it.

Picnic at Hanging Rock

by Joan Lindsay adapted by Tom Wright

November 9-13, 2021

Director: Barry Hooper

On a summer’s day in 1900, during a trip to a volcanic beauty spot, three schoolgirls and their teacher inexplicably vanish. A century later 5 girls try to solve the mystery, but euphoria and terror reverberate as the potential for history to repeat itself becomes nightmarishly real.

Swive (Elizabeth)

by Ella Hickson

November 23-27, 2021

Director: Cal Beckett

Elizabeth I is the only unmarried woman to have ever ruled England. And she reigned for forty-four years. Mastermind. Seductress. Survivor.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

An adaptation of Snow White by Audrey Lindsay

December 9-12 & 16-19, 2021 (including matinee performances on Saturdays/Sundays)

Director: Jo Boniface

Desperate to hold onto her title of the “fairest in the land”, the Wicked Queen’s jealous insecurities have even driven the Palace servants away.  And now, despite the Mirror’s wise influence, the Queen feels her step-daughter is too beautiful to have around....

The story of Snow White is given a fresh slant in this adaptation, written especially for South London Theatre by member Audrey Lindsay.

In the event of changes to covid-related government restrictions, these dates are subject to change or cancellation. We will always exchange or refund tickets.