Expected Standards of Behaviour

Code of Conduct for all Members, Visitors, Employees of SLT and the BPT

South London Theatre (SLT) is a vibrant, creative theatre based in the heart of the West Norwood community. We aim to provide a fun, active environment that supports the best of local theatre, putting on great entertainment. In addition to our theatre we run a members' bar for socialising and relaxing, which is open to guests if attending a show or on other theatre business.

Members are encouraged to participate in a range of voluntary activities which support the running of the theatre, including bar shifts, front of house, backstage, wardrobe, publicity and design.

We embrace members from all walks of our community, and encourage people to be involved as they wish. To support the smooth and friendly running of our theatre, we have agreed some expected standards of behaviour, orally and in writing, including the use of social media.

All members, visitors and employees of SLT BPT (Building Preservation Trust) have a right to:

  • Be treated with respect and courtesy
  • Be spoken to politely
  • Have their point of view listened to and considered
  • Be safe (especially children and vulnerable adults)
  • Have their private life respected
  • Expect not to be harassed, intimidated or discriminated against on any ground
  • Speak out if they are the subject of inappropriate behaviour, including bullying, harassment or intimidation, and have their complaint taken seriously and properly investigated

Expectations of all registered Members and Supporters

  • Treat others with fairness, courtesy and sensitivity
  • Express their point of view without being aggressive or overbearing
  • Consider others and respect their point of view and perspective, irrespective of experience or longevity of membership
  • Try to find solutions and work through disagreements with others
  • Ensure their behaviour does not reflect negatively on SLT and bring our reputation into disrepute
  • Not harass, intimidate, discriminate or put pressure on others to discriminate (Casting for a particular characteristic such as race, age, sex will not be deemed a discriminatory act, rather a genuine occupational requirement in line with the Equality Act 2010, schedule 9, part 1)
  • Report to General Council or Designated Safeguarding Officers if you witness or are made aware of any improper conduct, including any act of harassment or discrimination on any grounds, or any concern about Safeguarding

General Council will investigate any complaints received. We will endeavour to work with members to resolve issues and reserve the right to remove members from undertaking specific public-facing tasks, or rescind membership where standards of behaviour are significantly breached. See Appendix 1 - Reporting and Investigating Complaints.

Appendix 1 - Procedures

If you have concerns that a Member (full or friend) has behaved in a manner that contravenes the Members' Code of Conduct, you may wish to consider the following options

Informal Resolution

Attempt to resolve this informally where it is minor behaviour and you do not feel threatened by talking to the member. Often people may not realise they have offended you , and a quiet chat is sufficient to resolve matters.

Explain to the person what they said/did and how it made you feel. Try and agree what is acceptable moving forward

Formal resolution

If you are not able to resolve informally, or the matter is more serious, you should contact one of the following people to outline your concerns or complaints:

Non-Safeguarding matters; Simon Gleisner, Chair SLT chairman@southlondontheatre.co.uk

For Non-Safeguarding Matters

The Chair may investigate the matter personally, or delegate in confidence to a member of the General Council (GC) to do so. Where the complaint concerns the Chair of SLT, this should be referred to the General Secretary generalsecretary@southlondontheatre.co.uk

The investigator will speak with the person raising the concern, the person whom the complaint is about and potentially any other person who may have witnessed such behaviour, if necessary. If you are concerned and wish to remain anonymous, the process will be discussed with you before any action taken.

You should be aware, however, that there may be some limitations on what could happen if we are not able to raise the issue directly with the person concerned.

The investigator will report back their findings with any recommendations for action.


Most issues can be resolved through clear setting of standards.

Where there is a more serious or repeated breach this will be discussed at General Council and the following options may be applied:

- The Member is asked to refrain from undertaking any public-facing duties on behalf of SLT
- The Member may have their membership withdrawn
- The Member will have the right to put representations to GC before any decision is made

Agreed by General Council 12 January 2019