Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - 8pm, July 26-30 2022

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - 8pm, July 26-30 2022July 26-30, 2022

Running time: TBC


SLT’s summer family show will be an audio-visual feast combining the absurd tales of Lewis Carroll with 1980s pop and rock. Following a familiar figure down the rabbit hole, Alice embarks on a bizarre journey through a wonderland filled with strange and contrariwise characters. Punks! Rockers! New Romantics! Power suits! Caterpillars!

A two-act piece with an interval. There will be lots of music and effects, including some flashing lights.

Director: Chaz Doyle


Honor Petitt
Gabriel Nicklin
Adam Crook
Kornelia Adelajda
Jenny Mclaughlin
Kim Goldsmith
Patrycja Ozguven
Bel Odawa
Mitchell Labiak
Konstantinos Pavlidis
Isobel Brooker
Bryon Fear
Kelly Kim Clements
Lydie Koritsas