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Casting Call – Actor required for Gundog

02 Apr 24

Due to a cast member being unable to take up the role, the Directors of Gundog are still looking for one more actor:


They are looking to cast the character of ‘Mick’

MICK (40-65 years old)- The grandfather of Ben, Anna and Becky. Mick’s
early onset dementia means he often burst into scenes to colourfully describe
a story that the others have all heard before. As perhaps the cornerstone of
the play, Mick has the most explosively wonderful monologues with impactful
poetic language that illustrates the family clinging on to a past life they no
longer have. He is a character that is central to the plays theme of time and

PERFORMANCE DATES: 25th – 29th June

FIRST REHEARSAL: Sunday 21st of April

• On Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm to 10pm
• And Sundays from 4:45pm to 8:15pm


SYNOPSIS: ‘Gundog’ by Simon Longman explores the impact of love, loss,
hope, and aging in a brilliantly inventive way. The play focuses on sisters,
Becky and Anna, who are shepherds on a farm in the middle of nowhere.
Without really meaning to they have inherited the occupation of their family
following the death of their mother. Time is always moving somewhere- but
here it’s very quiet. The sisters discover a stranger, Guy, wandering aimlessly
across their farm. In return for refuge, he helps them during the lambing
season. The three strike up an unlikely partnership in determination to survive
and navigate their changed lives.

Please email the directors Meréana and Ella on