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Casting: Linck & Mülhahn

09 Jul 24

Jo Boniface announces her cast for Linck and Mülhahn by Ruby Thomas

Dashing soldier Anastasius Linck has no intention of falling in love, but a chance encounter with the rebellious Catharina Mülhahn changes everything.


As they begin to forge a relationship that breaks boundaries and rejects the rigid rules of their society, they find themselves confronted by a world determined to tear them apart.

I had a great time at auditions and a brilliant turn out. A tough decision on casting, which is always the way a director wants it!

This is a very important play to me. When I first saw it at Hampstead Theatre in 2023 I just knew it was one for SLT and I can’t wait to put it on our stage. It’s a story of love, queerness, and persecution and I have a gloriously talented cast to execute it.

It’s a true story written from 18th century court records and will have you laughing and crying.

We are still looking for an ASM so if you are interested please email me on and join the team.

I’ll leave you with the words of Anastasius Linck - one of the two main characters:

"It is life’s great aim. To find a way to be honest with oneself, even as the world pretends around you."

Jo Boniface



Anastasius – Ali Gibson
Catharina – Han Evans
Mother – Hannah McCorry
Spinster – Carole Coyne

Girl/Ensemble – Thea Miller
Solider/Executioner/Ensemble – Daniel Cox
Judge/Cornelius/Captain – Steve Pleasants
Lady/Doctor/Ensemble – Rebecca Law
Maid/Jurymen/Ensemble – Nana Darby
Jurymen/Ensemble – Isabella Breslin

Linck and Mulhahn runs 24-28 September. Early bird tickets will be on sale soon.