SLT Show

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

By William Shakespeare

Date: 20 - 24 Feb 2024

Time: 20:00 - 22:30

Location: SLT Old Fire Station

Visually modern but with the classic text.

The wedding of Theseus (local Duke) and Hippolyta is being planned. Meanwhile, the successful business owner, Egeus, is unhappy with their child Hermia’s choice of fiancé, Lysander. Egeus would much rather Hermia married Demetrius. Hermia doesn’t have feelings for Demetrius but their friend Helena does…

Confused? Well, you will be - when Oberon and Puck decide to meddle with this group for their own amusement using a love potion. At the same time as all of this, a local group of players are preparing a performance for the Duke’s wedding entertainments and one of the actors, Bottom, gets tangled up with the fairies - mysteriously becoming the subject of Titania’s sudden affections.

Out of these overlapping situations comes a chaos of falling asleep, falling in and out of love, hacked rehearsals and getting stuck all night at train stations, mostly thanks to the meddling and mischief of the over-powerful and under-occupied. Despite that, we still see the magic and joy of hardworking people making art, just for the love of it and even sharing it with the very people who continue to treat them so badly.

Director: Miriam Nice


Theseus - Cyril Blake

Hippolyta - Danielle Carter

Oberon - Tom Melly

Titania - Benjamin Gustilo

Hermia - Ane Omagu

Lysander - Paddy Echlin

Helena - Nadine Donelon

Demetrius - Yohann Alexander Phillip

Nick Bottom - Ollie Forrest

Peter Quince - Shree Ziradkar

Francis Flute/Peaseblossom - Ali Gibson

Robin Starveling/Mustardseed - Amy Evans

Tom Snout/Cobweb - Katie Floyd

Snug/Moth - Holly Marsden

Puck - Han Evans

Egeus - LilyAnn Green

Poster for A Midsummer Night's Dream