SLT Audition

Auditions: Bleak Expectations

By Mark Evans

Audition one

Date: 7 Jul 2024

Time: 10:00 - 12:30

Location: SLT - SE27 9NS

Audition two

Date: 8 Jul 2024

Time: 20:00 - 22:00

Location: SLT - SE27 9NS

Audition three

Date: 14 Jul 2024

Time: 10:00 - 12:30

Location: SLT - SE27 9NS

“The story Charles Dickens might have written after drinking too much gin…” Bleak Expectations is a witty, chaotic send-up of all things Dickens. With jokes coming thick and fast, larger-than-life characters, heroes, villains, heroines, damsels in distress and an anvil. Will our hero Pip Bin be able to defeat the truly evil Mr Gently Benevolent? Only time will tell.

There will be some doubling/multi-roling of some characters, so age ranges are indicative of the character, not necessarily the actor.

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Director: Tom Mathias

Performances: 22 - 26 Oct 2024

First Rehearsal: 11 Aug 2024


Sir Philip Bin: Male 50s-60s

Agnes Bin: 40s-50s

Flora Diesearly: Female 20s-30s

Thomas Bin: Male 40s-60s

Bakewell Havertwitch: Male 40s-60s

Pip Bin: Male 20s

Pippa Bin: Female late teens-20s

Poppy Bin: Female late teens-20s

Ripely Fecund: Female late teens-20s

Skinflint Parsimonious: Male 40s-50s

Harry Biscuit: Male 20s-30s

Gently Benevolent : Male 40s-60s

Broadly Fecund: Male 40s-60s

Reverend: Male 40s-60s

Wackwell Hardthrasher/Praygood Hardthrasher/ Chastity Hardthrasher/Solomon Hardthrasher: Male 40s-60s

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