SLT Show


By Tom Stoppard

Date: 31 May - 4 Jun 2022

Time: 20:00 - 22:30

Location: The Old Fire Station

Does light come in waves or particles? Experiments will show either: the experimenter can choose. “A double agent is like a trick of the light,” Kerner the physicist tells Blair the spy catcher. “You get what you interrogate for.” Dual natures, of light and of people, are the theme of Tom Stoppard’s espionage thriller. Kerner’s secret research is being leaked to Moscow. Is Ridley the double? Or is Kerner a triple? Hapgood is the person to find out, and maybe it will need two of her.

Director: Lisa Thomas


Elizabeth Hapgood - Jude Benning

Ben Wates - Josiah De Phoenix

Ernest Ridley - Tom Watts

Paul Blair - Jack King

Joseph Kerner - Alex Johnston

Maggs - Rob Wallis

Merryweather - Calla Cambrey

Hapgood poster