SLT Show


By Jez Butterworth

Date: 30 Apr - 4 May 2024

Time: 19:30 - 22:30

Location: SLT Old Fire Station

It's St. George's Day and the morning of the local county fair. The May Queen is missing, the villagers are nursing their collective hangovers, and all are immersed in the world of the man and the myth, Johnny "Rooster" Byron. Apart from his cohort of hangers on, the council want to evict him, others want revenge, and his son just wants to be taken to the fair.

This show starts at 19:30; please note earlier start and do arrive in good time as we're unable to allow latecomers.

Ticket Prices:*

Early Bird £14.00
Standard £16.00

Member/Supporter Early Bird £10.00
Member/Supporter Standard £14.00

*The Wednesday night performance is flexible cost with a minimum payment of £5.00 per person.

Director: Charlotte Benstead


Phaedra - Nicole Bogue Edgerton

Mrs Fawcett - Jeanette Hoile

Parsons - Seb Keenan

Johnny "Rooster" Byron - Chaz Doyle

Ginger - Ben Farren

Professor - Ian MacEwan

Lee - Tom Boxall

Davey - Olaf Davis

Pea - Maddy McCourt

Tanya - Flora Blissett

Wesley - Bob Callender

Dawn - Lucy Hayton

Troy - Dean Moore

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